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new meaning 

One small step 

into the world 

Drifting through the crowd. 

wondering where you belong 

Getting it 
with your 



^^^^^^^^^ l^^^^^^^^^^^l^l 

■ - 9 

Learning life's values 







Uion. 3. Hare. A person ■ 
range of searching, esp. of penct 
ing and inspecting a vessel, on 
search (which see). — search'a 

search'in^, adj. Expl9ring tho 
examination; penetrating; as, .'^ 
r>earGh'light/ (sGrchTftO, n. A 

ni of lii-'ht t)f approxiniatoly ] 
■» • ' ' 1 i ^ 



Reflecting on memories, 
anticipating the dawning 
of a new day 

Faculty Page 18 

Sports Page 38 

Productions Page 72 

Organizations Page 84 

Seniors Page 114 

Juniors Page 148 

Sophomores Page 164 

Freshmen Page 178 
Advertisements Page 192 

Index Page 200 


Mind mentors 
Mind mentors 
Mind mentors 
Mind mentors 


John P. Rodkey: 

a man seeking 

the best for students 

A big honor for Mr. John P. Rodkey and for North Central High School came on Nov. 20 
when he became president of the Washington Association of Secondary School 

As a representative of Washington's high school principals, he attended a regional 
conference of the National Association of Secondary School Principals in Seattle. In 
February he went on to the national conference held in Las Vegas. 

Through his participation in the principals' groups, he was one of five high school 
principals in the nation selected to serve on the "Status and Welfare Commission" of the 

The Betty Crocker Search for Leadership in Family Living program is another concern of 
Mr. Rodkey's. In November he traveled to Washington. D C. to attend a committee 
meeting of the advisory group. 

Our principal is a very busy man, but he finds time to care for North Central, now in its 
66th year of operation. 



Cooks, janitors 
provide services 
for NC students 

1 Nedra Ervin 

2 Florence Loreen 

3. Lois Fowler - Manager 

4. Alice Kruger 

5. Marcia Renouard 

6 Gerry Novelli 

7 Lois Lawrence 

8 Rose Engle 

9. Merval Hindricks - Custodian 
10. Beatrice Murphey 
1 1 Daria Ayers 
12. Berry Dylina 


Business world comes into the classroom 

A day in the guidance center: 
careers, college, and red cards 


1. Patrick Clark 

2. Patricia Butterfiekl 

3. Kenneth Mhyre. Ass't Principal 

4. Joe Everson 

Not Pictured- Billie Mountain 


Office personnel process 
people, papers, and problems 

1 . Georgians Backenstoe 

2. Marjorie Jennings 

3. June Anker 

4. Thomas Crouch 

5. Lynn Bowen 



Social sciences serve humanity 


Special programs provide 
added student aid 

Christine Culp 
Sandy Bennett 
Sandy Robisch 
Len Long 
Mariunn Renshaw 

Creative arts blend 
talent and imagination 

Mike Caldwell 

Barbara Eddy-Dept. Head 

Ralph Montroy 

Joe Jonas 

John Luppert 

Dave Bens 



Tykes and trikes: new look in Home Economics 


Home Economics has changed this 
year. Besides being co-educational 
in all classes, it has extended its 
teachings in child development to 
include a nursery. Students plan a 
program and work with pre-school 
children in a day care environment. 

Industrial arts offer 
varied opportunities 

Gym builds bodies; 
library aids minds 

Language arts teachers stress 
reading, writing and speaking 

1 Mary Maugen 

2 Vivian Hager 

3 Lynette McGarry 

4 Nancy Lindberg 

5 Dan Davis 

6 John Malterner 

7 Dorothy Murray 
Not Pictured- Laura Lee Briscoe 

Science sleuths 
seek solutions 


People + numbers = math 

1 William Nye 

2 Gene Rostvold 

3 Burrill ExIey Dept. Head 

4 Gilbert Baker 

5 Norman Erickson 
6. Joseph Schauble 


Big Red on the 
Big Red on the 
Big Red on the 
Big Red on the 


ft 23 
"^iVC 24 
NC 44 
NC 6 
NC 21 
NC 29 

" fw 20 

dle^ 15 
LC 14 
Gonzaga 24 
Rogers 26 

Power to Big Red! 

Big Red started the season slowly by losing three games in a 
row, but then evened the record with three wins in a row. Jim 
Kelly was tabbed "Player of the Week" and the Injun team 
received "Team of the Week" honors from the sportswriters' 
and broadcasters' group following the 44-15 scalping party 
against Shadle 

After the three wins, the Indians lost two more games, one 
each to league co-champions Lewis and Clark and Gonzaga. 
The season ended on a victorious note with a rout of the 
winless Rogers' Pirates. 

Team co-captain awards went to Dan McNeal, quarterback, 
and Rich Fink, guard: they were selected by fellow team 

"I was proud of the way they played; the team worked well 
together and had unity and pride. " said Coach Art Bauer about 
his best team in several seasons. 

VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: L to R.. Row 1: Casey Greer, manager: Dan 
McNeal. Gary Rener. Bill Gay. Jim Kelly. John Bjordahl. Kathy Lynch, manager. 
Row 2: Jeff Davis, manager; Ron Luttrull. Steve Lawson, Frank Reeling. Ed 
Fong. Clayton Allen. Row 3: Doug Gisselberg, Jeff Sandaine Row 4: Alfred 
Washburn. Joe Lefler Row 5: George Luft. Doug Vantine Row 6: Wayne 
Meyer. Stacy Rhea Row 7: Mike Greenwood, backfield coach; Mark 
Thompson. Gerakj Broadbent. Joe Eschenbacher. Ken Jackson, Chris Mare. 
Dave Brown. Art Bauer, head coach. Row 8: Darel Maxfiekj, Damon Larkin. 
Doug Swanson. manager. Roger Patterson. Jin Stratton, Rich Fink. Mike Weir, 
line coach. 


Frosh take city; B 's get two wins 

A two-win, six-loss season implies a losing 
season, but the teann had the desire to win not 
found in many teams. Dave Beardslee, 
inspirational award winner, kicked four for four 
field goals; two went over 40 yards. Tom Hayes 
and Dan Hunstad received co-captain awards. 

Praising his team. Coach Chalich remarked, even 
though it was small in number, there was a 
definite improvement made bv all members of 
the squari 

"This Is the best balanced team I've had, " Coach Joe Schauble proudly said of his frosh 
team. With a 5-1 record and city champs as a title. Coach Schauble certainly should be 


The team voted Ryne Sandberg, quarterback, as team captain; the inspirational award 
went to Steve Kivett, center. 

FROSH FOOTBALL L to R . Row 1 : Kurt Wood, Jacli Best. Lee Scott. Pat Garrity. Dave Binford. Barry Coghill, 
Dave Cebert. Pat Rupp. Alan Cook. Keith Hylton Row 2; Steve Coghill, Shawn Stueve. Jeff Kerr. Steve 
Standaart, Mike Evenoff. Brian Golik, Ron Dinger, Jeff Potts. Efic Galbraifh. Randy Peterson, Don Reeling, Alec 
Gay. Reel Christiansen Row 3; Coach Schauble. Steve Kivett. Marty Hare. Ed Howard, Frank Keller. Ron 
Jackson. Dei Brockie. Rocky Brown. Harlan Shellabarger. Ryne Sandberg, Dave Frigaard, Daryl Bush. Lee Scott. 
Mark Taylor, Ed Stewart. Jeff McCarrey. Coach Lane 

B-SQUAD FOOTBALL, upper left picture; L to R . Row 1: Terry Ediin, Mike Bolton. Ken Shawlee. Dale Luders, 
Brian Williams. Scort Ooms. Daryl Woods Row 2: Brian Pierson, Aaron Chandler. Tim Boles. Kelly Carpenter. 
Mark Jochimen. Mike Hamblen Row 3; Coach Blair, Bob Moore. Mark Mellgren. Dave Beardslee. Tom Hayes. 
Dan Hunstad, Dan Mellgren. Mark Sidel. Coach Chalich. 


Golfers boogie 
with bogeys 

' The NC golfers are soaring like eagles this year with a 5-1 win-loss record for fall and the 
same powerhouse coming back for the challenge to the state title in the spring. Coach 
Ralph Montroy feels "we have a very good chance to go to state this year." They are also 
defending champions at the Yakima Invitational this spring. 

Team members, top row. L to R; Steve Belyea, Chip Cline. Jon Strenge. Steve Morris, Dan Wonderlick, Coach 
Ralph Montroy. Mike Dunning. Chris Mitchell Bottom row: Jesse Dasovich. Mark Oye. Martin Gronberg. Jim 
Akers. Craig Mason, D wight Mizoguchi, Don Swanson. 


Netters take second in city 

We've got a strong team with a lot of depth,"said Coach 
Ron Walker. He feels that the whole team is All City 
material. Dave Lill placed second in the Senior Boys' 
division of the Greater Spokane Tournament. 

VARSITY TENNIS TEAM: L. to R., Brian Huey, Brian Duer, Tom Wines. 
Glen Morris, Mike Henry, Coach Ron Walker, Pat Henry, Rick Henry, 
Steve Grote, Bret Coffin, Dave Lill and Jim Panknin. 

\ \ » 


Harriers run for pride 
and enjoyment 

"They come in with no experience. " says Coach Len 
Long, "but now have learned to race aggressively and 
with spirit " Fifth in the city standings, the Varsity saw 
Ron Empter qualify for State B squad finished second 
in the district while the frosh placed second in the 

Greg Gower and Ron Empter are now among NC's 
fastest as their names go on the Cross Country Hall of 
Fame Board. 


Fitisimmons, George Hatch. Rom Empter. Red Gower, Tom Orth. 
Tom Domini. Larry Roberts. Steve Martin, Jim Summers, Jerry Orth, 
Dave Cathey. Dan Erickson. Rick Simon. Tom Carey, Martin 
Heimbigner. Steve Knutson. Dave Erickson. Mike Cowan. Ken 
Durland. Ott Custer, Tim Maran. Dean Allen. Tom Gower, Don 
Reichert, Tim Cressey. Dwight Nawberg, Phil Decker. Wayne 
Nelson. Bill Feehan, Tim Coyle, Deven Johnson. Jay Shaw. Jeff 
Blackwell. Coach Len Long 


Returning varsity prove valuable 

"I think the team has definitely improved since the first game," said Coach Chalich. And improved they have. With eight 
seniors and one junior to help bolster the five returning lettermen, the Varsity have a win loss record of 5 and 5 for the first half 
of the season. This tribe is definitely on the 

VARSITY MEMBERS, top to bottom, are: to lornson, ivmch Bright. Chris Mitchell. Dave Lill. Ken Jackson. Don Saffle. Coach George Chalich. Don Barnes. 
Gary Retter, Frank Juliano, Paul Carlisle. Mike Littman, Steve Sivret. Ed Fong. and Dan McNeal Managers, left to right, are: Gary McCartney. Bob Hunt, and 
Tom Williams. 


"They found that basketball could be fun and that the 
fun they had was in direct proportion to the work they 
did in practice." This statement by Coach Pat Clark 
couldn't be truer. A strong team in many ways, the 
JV s are looking great for next year's varsity. 

JV TEAM MEMBERS: clockwise from top, are: Roger Naslund, 
Ralph Sandaine. Joe Eschenbacher. Doug VanTine. Jim Wald. 
Alfred Washburn. Gary Pohle, Gary Snow, Dan Wickens, Jeff Hall, 
George Luft. Mark Smathers, Craig Tesdahl, Don Squires, 
Coach Pat Clark in center. 


m IT I timJmmt 


^1 liii 

B SQUAD TEAM: L. to R . Coach Gene Rostvold. Martin 
Heimbigner. Paul Swavely, Bret Coffin, Tom Hayes, Kevin 
McLaughlin, Bob Evenson. Sam Miller, Steve Morris. Dale 
Alexander, Jim Akers, Assistant Coach Rick Bishop. 

FROSH TEAM: L. to R., top row: Coach Mike Greenwood, Martin 
Hare, Dwight Newberg, Mike Evenotf, Barry Coghill Row 2: Tim 
Aspenleiter, Terry Scollard. Chip Line. Ron Jackson, Dan Cmos, 
Brian Gower bottom row: Pat Littman. Brian Goiik, Steve Belyea, 
Bob Allen, Wayne Nelson, Ryne Sandberg. Not pictured: Dave 


Injun grapplers scalp many 

scalp many 

"We've got a physically strong team with 
experienced seniors and very talented 
underclassmen." said Coach Mike Weir. 
After a league season record of 2 wins and 6 
losses, the Injuns saw three wrestlers go to 
state: Jim Worthington. Doug Gisselberg, 
and three-time state veteran Damon Larkin. 
The team voted the captain award to Jim 
Worthington. Marc Thompson became 
known as "Mr. Hustle," and Kevin Wakefield 
was voted most improved. 

VARSITY: L to R , back row: Bryan McKeehan. 
manager; Ken Moe. Mark Houk. Jim Worthington. Marc 
Thompson. Damon Larkin. Jim Stratton. Sam Simmons. 
Gerald Broadbent. Doug Gisselberg, and Jim Panknin. 
manager Front row: Tom Carey. Kevin Wakefield. Steve 
Rabb. Ken Robideaux. Ken Durland. Dan Houk, Mark 
Alexander, and Wayne Meyer 

FROSH: L to R . back row; Gary Alexander. Brian 
Smith. Steve Standaart. Bud Kiourkas. John Forness 
Bottom row; Mike Gerrior. Bias Ortiz. Don Reichert. Jim 
Diehl. Tim Cressey. Mike Talarico. Jay Shaw 

JV; L to R . back row Wayne Larson, Kelly Carpenter. 
Kevin Devaney Front row; Jerry WIndishar, Larry 
Sayler, Tim Dechand. 


Swimmers take to the water 

"The swim team was gifted with many great swimmers," said Coach Ron Walker who saw his team break three school records. Two of 
them were individual efforts by Ron Sanders in the 100 yard butterfly and the 200 yard individual medley. The 200 yard medley relay 
record was broken by Jim Groh. Ken Lattin, Ron Sanders and Rick Simon. 

SWIM TEAM: L to R , Row 1 : Pam Androes, Jim Groh, Coach Walker, Ron Sanders, Leslie Grothe Row 2: Loren Boles. Randy Lewis. Don Hannebohn, Jeff EIrls. Dave 
Martin Row 3; Larry Roberts. Rick Simon, Jay Roop, Chris Salvage Not pictured: Steve Lawson, Ken Lattin, Dan Hoffman. 

Frosh and B's build diamond skills 

FROSH BASEBALL TEAM: L to R , Craig Pardun. Ron Jackson. David Frigaard, David Joplln. Dan Ctnos, Tim O Connor, Harlan Shellabarger. 
Ryne Sandberg. Marty Hare. John Forness. Marty Sprayberry and Coach Joe Everson. 

B SQUAD BASEBALL; L to R . Jerry Orth. Gary Bowen. Daryl Wood, Bob Gregory, Wayne Larson. Sam Miller. Coach Gene Rostvold. 
Tom Hayes, Kevin McLaughlin. Del Simchuk. Paul Swavely. JonI Butler. Tim Hepper. Don Gady Not pictured: Rick Bavuso. Loren 

Sluggers seek city championship 

VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM; L to R.. Front row: Brian Sampson. Steve Renz. Dan McNeal, Mike Larson. Mike Henry. Steve Nelson. Gary Snow. Jeff Hall. Jim Kelly. 
Back row: Chris Hare, Bill Gay, Dan McNutt. Jim Croghan. Tim Clemenson, Bruce Lee, Roger Naslund. Don Saffle, Alfred Washburn. Gary Hustad. Frank Realing. 
Managers Bernie Dyer and Tom Williams are pictured below. Coach Al Manfred is pictured below, right. 



"Runners on your mark 


urn ■ . ~.m\ 


Many returning lettermen give our track 
team the much-needed depth it requires. 
Looking especially strong in the field events. 
Big Red will certainly be one of the top 
teams in the city. 

While track is basically an individual sport, 
the coaches are emphasizing team spirit and 
pushing for each other. 

The returning lettermen this year are Ron 
Luttrull. Chris Leone, Ed Torrison, Doug 
Gisselberg, Dan Lynch, and Ron Emter. 

< 1 1 1 1 1 



Spikers running toward state crown 

VARSITY TRACK TEAM L to R , Row 1: JoAnn McNeal. Terry Ediin. Dan Baron. Ted Anderson. Stacy Rhea. Kevin Wakefield. Steve Rabb, Ron Luttrull. Roger 
Patterson Ron Emter Ken Dyer. Tom Orth. Jim Summers, Steve Martin. Renee Brent Row 2: Doug Swanson. Craig Lewis. Ott Custer. Mike Cowan. Dave Beardslee, 
Eric Torrison. Dan Hunstad, Doug GIsselberg, Marc Thompson. Wayne Meyer, Jeff Blackwell. Ed Torrison. Joe Lefler, Steve Lawson. Greg Gower, Rick Simon, Dan 
Mellgren. Bob Fitzsimmons. George Hatch. Ron Cornwell. Craig Leone. Doug Vantine. 

Heads held high with pride 

The North Central Girls' 
Gymnastics Team, coached by 
Mrs. Gayle Sander, consists of 
21 dedicated and hard working 
girls from all four classes. 
There are three senior girls on 
the team: Ann Morris, whose 
specialities are the bars and 
the beam; Luanne Butler, also 
on the bars: and Renee 
Christiansen, who does floor 
exercise. These girls do a great 
job in upholding North Central 
spirit and pride. 

Top row. left to right: Hope Munyan, 
Kimm Cardwell. Leslie Grothe. Jean 
Munyan. and Katie Garnty Middle 
row. left to right: Sue Worthington. 
Charlene Dotter. Luanne Butler, 
Debbie Rosengrant. Sherri Davis. Chris 
Dewey. Lisa Morris Bottom row. left 
to right Pat Snyder. Ann Morris. 
Jacinta McKoy. Karen Crull. Julie 
Thompson. Jo Custer. Terry Retter, 
Renee Christiansen. Inez Brown. 


Tennis gals 
take title 
for 11th time 

The girls' varsity tennis team had another smashing season. 
The fall marked the eleventh consecutive season that North 
Central had taken the city title. The team had a perfect 
score of 8 wins and no losses. 

In the Greater Spokane Tourney in the fall, the top eight 
participated. Judy Cutler took the girls' singles' title for the 
second year. Jan Martin and Tami Fong advanced to the 
semi-finals in doubles while Kris Hamilton and her male 
partner advanced to the semi-finals in mixed doubles. 

Senior girls who have played their last season for NC 
include Judy Cutler, Jan Martin, Tami Fong, Kris Hamilton, 
Julie Engle and Linda Wiggins. 

1 Tami Fong and Jan Martin, doubles partners, couldn't quite wait until 
spring to begin practice 

2 Julie Engle bends low for a net shot. 


RED FEATHERS: L. to R . Top row: Pam Gerlack. Lynn Sullivan, Julie Engle. Sue 
Brechbill, Melinda Dennis. Norma Olsen. Jan Martin. Cindy Noble Row 2: Val 
Griffiths. Marie Wagner. Barb Reichert. Cindy Mitchell. Cheryl Shawlee. Pern Verge. 
Sue Jones. Jonica Keel Row 3 Gabby Wavada. Shawn DeLong. Bonnie 
Kostelecky. Kathi Hare, Judy Cutler. Jill Morgareidge. Renee Christiansen. Renita 
Dimico Row 4 Stacey Jensen, Sue Eggleston, Linda Hebert, Karen Hylton, Jodi 
Faber, Pat Snyder, Linda Wiggins, Tina Campbell, Betsy Hills, Rosemary Como Row 
5: Chris Sliz, Laure Goerz, Sue Best, Ronnel Nicholl, Meralee Eckhart, Sharee Bush, 
Jan Clark, Susie Fiksdal Row 6: Colleen Whitworth, Emily Cox, Ann Morris, Kari 
Firestone, Nan Farris, Sue Worthington, Denise Ralph, Allison Cadby, Cheryl Clark, 
Doreen Becker Row 7; Jenny Evenoff, Debbie VanDoren, Kathy Wyland, Kathy Jo 
Fletcher, Rhonda Ziegler, Donna Nelson, Katie Garrity, Kimm Cardwell Row 8: Tami 
Fong, Inez Brown, Terri Hill, Sandy Fox, Lisa Fair, Judy Somerville, Merri Burden. 
Not pictured: Debbie Douglas Pictured below: Mrs Gayle Sander, advisor 

RED FEATHERS, what do these words mean? To some 
they might indicate the color of bird feathers, but to the 
students of North Central, they stand for pride and 

Junior and senior girls make up this spirit-oriented 
group. This year's Red Feathers began work last June 
when they assisted at the North Central reunion at the 
coliseum. The highlight of their summer was ushering at 
a pro football game. 

The school year was kicked off by several halftime 
football performances at the stadium. Red Feathers also 
brought goodies for the players. 

In the winter, they sold programs at the basketball 
games, planned their "Raindrops and Roses" dance, put 
a con together, and prepared for the parade in the 

Being a Red Feather is time consuming and hard work, 
but it's very rewarding too. 

FALL RED FEATHER OFFICERS Top. Jonica Keel, chairman: Left row. 
top to bottom, Tami Fong. co-chairman: Bonnie Kostelecky. secretary: 
Judy Cutler, historian: Cheryl Shawlee and Dona Nelson, sergeants at 
arms SPRING OFFICERS: Tami Fong. chairman: right row. top to 
bottom. Allison Cadby. co-chairman: Jill Morgareidge. secretary: Nan 
Farris. historian: Pat Snyder and Linda Wiggins, sergeants at arms In 
the middle. Mrs Gayle Sander, advisor. 


pride builders 
sign painters 
tag makers 
con planners 

The 1 974-75 Varsity 
cheerleaders were Denise 
Ralph, Renee Christiansen. Val 
Griffith, Meralee Eckhart, Jan 
Martin, Jenny Evenoff and Ann 

Our football chairman was Ann 
Morris; basketball. Renee 
Christiansen: wrestling. Val 
Griffith: spring sports. Meralee 

The cheerleaders work hard 
and they do a great job. They 
were chosen in the spring of 
their junior year. 

"Superior" was the rating they 
received at the Washington 
State Cheerleading Conference 
at Ellensburg. July 29-August 


is our thing! 

"Our thing is twirling!" North Central Majorettes for 1974-75 
inspire pep and spirit during half times, parades and pep cons. 
Debbie VanDoren is this year's head majorette: the other 
majorettes are Sue Eggleston, Norma Olsen. and Kimm Cardwell. 
Hard work and practice make them look great out on the football 
field or basketball court during half times. The girls also perform in 
the Lilac Parade in the spring. Mrs. Gayle Sander is their advisor. 






Varsity volleyball 
makes debut on 
girls ' sports scene 

This year was the first year for NC to have a 
girls' varsity volleyball team. These girls 
worked hard to do their best and to show 
real Injun Pride. Their first season was 
marked by two wins and five losses. 

COACHES: Mrs. Jo Wendt, Miss R. Billington VARSITY 
TEAM: Top row: l-r. Joan LaMunyon, mgr.. Linda 
Bowley, Karen Skaer. Bonnie Samek. Debbie 
Rosengrant. Nella Franetich, mgr Middle row: Anita 
Martin. Elizabeth Eirls. Sue Colon. Kathi Hare Front 
row: Theresa Hayes. Vicki Levitski. Karen Crull. B- 
SQUAD: Top row: l-r. Joan Hegel. Kathy Johnson. 
Veronica Russell. Julie Thompson. Terry Retter. Glenda 
Gower. Lorilee McCauley Middle row: Sheri Rabb. 
Becky Brockie. Pat Downey. Delores Graham. Vicki 
Weidmer. Colleen Mendenhall. Front row: Diane 
Eschenbacher. Margaret Binford. Cathy Tannich, Donna 
Marks. Not pictured: Lorri Barnett. 

Golfers take 
fourth place 
in city play 

Our girls' golfers placed fourth in the city 
league and in the city tournament. Mr. Ray 
Simonsen. girls' golf coach, says that the 
team should have a better spring season 
with the return of Stacy Wright to the team. 
Additional girls are expected to turn out in 
the spring. 

1 Top six golfers for the fall season include, kneeling. 
Dawn Lemon and Sue Worthington Standing, L to R.. 
Billie DeHart, Molly Hedemark, and Gretchen Ragland 

2 Mr Simonsen shows Dawn Lemon a new golf 


Student participation in intramurals 

on the increase 

Besides intramural volleyball, badminton, and twirling, there 
are basketball, baseball and tennis for the girls of North Central 
to participate in. The enthusiasm of these girls shows how 
much they appreciate these special after school activities. The 
PE teachers should be acknowledged for their hard work and 
their willingness to stay after school hours to help out. 

1 Lisa Fair sets the ball up to the front line 

2 Jodi Faber shows good form as she takes a swing at the birdie 

3 Terry Hill smashes the volleyball over the net 

4 Twirlers are: front row, L to R . Debbie Yaroshok, Meralee Bauer. Loring 
Sampson. Back row: Sue Eggleston. Lois Pendleton, Cheryl Clark, Sue Jones, 
and Norma Olsen. 





BAND MEMBERS: Row 1: L to R., Lou Anna Davis, Cynthia Towers, Kristine 
Haskins, Robert Hunt. Kathy Davidson, Carol Hardt, Kathleen Hackett, Kathleen 
Potter Row 2 Brenda Scott, Theresa St George, Kim Devaney, Gloria Marshall, 
Randal McCarrey, James Klentschy, Sandra Forbes, Pamela Carter, Darlene Hall, 
Debbie Gibson, Shawn McAdams, Dana Elkhart Row 3 Fred Lamm, Roger Grimes, 
Harold Clary, Candie Carlson. Fred Groves, Daryl Wood, Steven Grote, Bryan Davis, 
Veronica Darlow. Stephen Berglund. Leslie Akerland. David Hawley Row 4 
Katherine Farrer. James Parker. Lisa Johnson. Russel Freese, Timothy Ragland, 
Scon Engle, Kevin Wakefield, Thomas Williams, William Hoyt. David Martin Row 5 
Bias Standaart. Edward Stewart. Jeffery Davis. Michael Knudtson. Jon Strenge. 
Steven Knudtson, Ronald Jackson, Kevin Hoffman, Richard Mitchell, Brian Smith 



of '75 


Varied events spotlight 

music makers 

A CAPPELLA; Row 1 L to R . Sandra Gross, Debbie Gross. Nancy England. 
Shirley Rogers. Kris Munson. Kathy Jo Fletcher. Paula Rasmussen. Colleen 
Whitworth. Lori Kuntz. Sue Eggleston. Kelly Mitchell. Shawn DeLong. Jill 
Morgareidge. Cheryl Shawlee. Dana Wilmann. Kathy Hare. Terry Phelan. Pat 
Snyder. Lisa Blodgett. Helen Eggleston. Kimm Cardwell. Pat Bafaro. Amy 
Wright. Terri Rabb. Diane Eschenbacher. Cindy Peslk. Row 2: Anita Martin. 
Cindy Morgan. Stephanie Webber. Darlene Hall. Lon Stueve. Stacy Wright. 
Susan Hoffman. Melinda Dennis. Joan LaMunyon. Jodi Faber. Susan Jones. 
Rosemary Como. Ann Morris. Tern Gilbert Row 3 Donald Douglas. Joel 
Smith. Rick Bavuso. Tracy Fetch. Roger Fiddler. George McKenney. Gary 
Campbell. Bill William. J Blodgett. Jeff Hall. Casey Greer, Richard Frye. 
Steven Rasmussen. Christopher Nepean. Larry Clifton. Michael Wilhite Row 
4: Marc Thompson. Ron Cornwell. Timothy Clemenson. Richard Fink. James 
Sherwood. Darel Maxfield. David Day. Marc Kroetch. Duane Hamp. Curt 
Hutchinson. Stephen Clifton. Chris Salvage. Robert Fitzsimmons. Donald 

A CAPPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS: from left. Terry Phelan. secretary; Joan 
LaMunyon. fifth executive: Rich Fink, vice president: Darel Maxfield. 
president: Lon Steuve. treasurer 


Teepee Lighters delight Expo listeners 


INTERMEDIATE CHOIR: Top of T: Pat Littman, Jim Louie. Don Haynes, Butch 
Hite. Keith Hamlin, Mark Smith, Jim Kientchy, Ron Newell. Kelly Carpenter Row 2: 
Dolores Graham. Tern Rerter. Jacinta McCoy, Renee Brent Row 3 Lana Kortan, 
Sue Tucker, Chris Carlson. Jana Kimpel Row 4 Ronette Richardson. Barb Cole. 
Kathy Johnson. Debbie Yaroshuk Row 5: Cathy Warren. Ronnel Nichol. Tami Ling. 
Regina Kembel Row 6: Leslie Grothe. Dawnita Castle. Mary Jane Hedemark. 
Marelee Bauer Row 7: Bea Panagos. Tami Blackwell. Stacy Bright, Margie Knapp 
Front row Janele Swanson. Johanna McNeal, Tammy Price, Phyllis Gilmore, Linda 
Ensley, Zoann Mercer, Yvonne Cornwell, Loretta Marten. Holly Funk. Melanie 
Sampson. Carta Chester. April Wilson. 

to seniors, 
joins in song 

FRESHMEN CHOIR: Row 4. L to R . Idunna Skothaug, 
Julie Thompson, Sherl Rabb. Wendy Counts. Mike 
Evenoff. Michael Kraut Row 3; Theresa Owen, Rose 
Webber, Becky Brockie, Sandy Welch, Chris Bryan. Jim 
Diehl Row 2: Denise Foehringer. Rita Edwards. Cindy 
Barkley. Dayle Matthews. Wendy Schraufnagel. Gayle 
Matthews Row 1 : Keza Settles. Paula Carpenter. Terry 
Cluckey. Kathy Payne. Teresa DeBoer. Agnes Calabro 

FRESHMEN CHOIR: Row 3. L to R . John Ferness. 
Marty Hare. Rhonda Juliano. Carol Glenn. Sherrie 
Barrett Row 2: Jack Greer. Bob Allen. Kathy Moe. 
Jamie Siebengartner. Cindy Herman Row 1 : Don 
Janssen. Pat Garrity. Cindy Devine. Lynda Cress, Joni 
Graham. Carol Griffiths 

GIRLS CHOIR Row 4. L to R . Vickie Wiedmer. Dawn 
Lemon. Lynette Schifer. Sharon Holford Row 3: Elie 
Grant. Kandee Southwick. Patty Young. Joni Butler. 
Carol Hicks Row 2: Mary Glenn. Wendy Funk. Gayle 
Hilton, Karen Boles Row 1: Nancy Zietlow Rosanne 
Briggs, Becky Wilson. 


NC meets the varied characters 
of *Big Rock at Candy 's Mountain ' 

The cast of "Big Rock at Candy's 
Mountain" received a standing ovation 
following their second period con 
performance on January 31. The play 
was also presented at an evening 
performance two days earlier. "Rock" 
was the major project of this year's 
drama students. 

CAST MEMBERS: L to R . Row 1; Christine 
Corley. Kelly Mitchell, Wendy Funk. Cynthia 
Hillyard. Karen Worman. James Akers. CIndee 
Starnner, Mary Ann Heath, Joni Daniels Row 2: 
Mary Swank, David Halverson, Shannon Herrick. 
James O'Conner. Kathleen Williams. Gerald 
Quiggle,Kym Dalgarn, Jeff Mendenhall. Ken 
Jackson. Dana Butt. Ed Torrlson, Mrs Nancy 
Lindberg, play director: Kathi Munson, Jonie 
Poffenroth, Cathy Warren. Randy Cunningham, 
Tern Gilbert, Roger Fiddler Row 3 Richard 
Matson. Duane Finke, Chris Rizzl. 


Serv ice w ith pride 
Serv ice w ith pride 
Serv ice w ith pride 
Serv ice w ith pride 



Tamarack '75 

Keeping in step with action 


Tamarack '75 was off to a late start with a 
new advisor and the recruiting of new staff 
members, but. all in all, it was a fantastic 
year. Much hard work went into this annual 
and it was a great experience. We hope that 
everyone enjoys this book as much as we 
have enjoyed assembling it. 

1 Photographers Don Anderson. John Robertson, and 
Chuck Caraway with Mr Joe Jonas, advisor. 2. Meralee 
Eckhart. co-editor; Brenda Emden. copy editor 3 Mrs 
Judy Feryn. advisor; Marc Tumlinson, editor 4 Sue 
Robinette. Sue Tucker, business managers. 5. Marie 
Wagner. Tina Campbell, organizations. 

A SB workers 
making you happy 

Contests, carnival and concerts 
crowd autumn ASB calendar 

1. Selecting a career can be very difficult. Two 
men from the Spokane Police Force came to give 
advice about their work on Career Day. 

2 Mellow music was provided by the Minstrel 
String Guild during a pay con. 

3 "Ahbh." screams Patty Bafaro as she speeds 
down to either triumph or tragedy in the 3rd 
annual John P Rodkey Tricycle Race. 

4 & 5 Carnival night was something new to 
many, many North Centralites. Each club had a 
booth and activities ranged from dunking to a rat 

h(icc \ 


Activities add excitement 

1 Greg Nutter prepares levy yard signs. 

2 Bruce Cannon, Clarence Wiggins, and Scott Garsky chew their 
cuds on the sideline 

3 The 79'ers close in on an Indian 

4 Don Anderson, referee for the night, halts all action. 

5 Kelly Mitchell aims for a basket at the "All America game." 

ASB '75 

1. Curtis Bemal, vice president 

2. Dwight Mizoguchi, secretary 

3. Mike Larson, treasurer 

4. George McKenney, fifth executive 

5. De Hicks, president 

6. Mr, Reiken, Adviser 

Mirth W mayhem 
explode from 
pep con planners 

Find a hard worker, add a funny personality, along with acting 
abilities and you've got the makings of a pep con skit 
comnnittee member. Whether being cheerleader, a bullpup in 
the dog pound, or a Kazoo band, the skit committee kept 
everyone laughing. The members are, from top to bottom, 
advisor Mrs. Sander, Tami Fong, Terri Hill, Inez Brown, Judy 
Somerville, Donna Nelson, Marc Kroetch, Frank Juliano, 
Clayton Allen, Cheryl Shawlee. Not pictured Jim O'Conner. 




Fall '74 

Girls* League — a *new look* 

Girls' League this year has given everything a new outlook. They added, subtracted or revised last year's ideas. 
Some of the fun of Halloween was renewed with the Pumpkin Carving Contest. Students weren't the only 
concern of Girls' League. Faculty members were also shown appreciation with cakes at Christmastime. 

Officers: (clockwise) Barb Reichert, vice president; Sandy Baron, secretary; Sharee Bush, president; Amy Wright, 

Standing committees aid officers 





SEPTEMBER: Kathy Davidson - Big and Little Sister Party Chairman. 

OCTOBER: Wendy Cadby - Dad-Daughter decorations chairman. 

NOVEMBER: Terry Phelan - Sadie Hawkins decorations chairman. 

DECEMBER: Gail Gregory - overall service to Girls' League. 

JANUARY: Kathy Jo Fletcher - Points committee chairman: she contributed 
much extra time 

FEBRUARY: Allison Cadby - overall service to Girls' League. 
MARCH: Kathi Hare - overall service to Girls' League. 
APRIL: Jackie Webster - outstanding work in Sunshine committee. 
MAY: Jodee Christner - overall service to Girls' League 


GL: from taco eatin * to honoring dad 

1 Eating tacos is fun: just ask one of the lucky contestants in 
the Taco Eating Contest at the Sadie Hawkins "Dogpatch 
Punnpkin Bash." this year s Sadie held on Nov 22 Captain 
Jack provided music while teachers posed as Marryin' Sams 

2 "Dad. I'm Your Big Girl Now" was the theme for the Dad- 
Daughter Dance Ozzie Hoffman was named "Father of the 
Year." based on a letter written by his daughter, Susan. 

3 The carnival proved to be a money-making success for participating clubs. 
Sharee Bush and Amy Wright help a winner pick a prize at the Girls' League 
"Spin and Win" booth, 

4 The Don Eagle Trio played old and new tunes for the dads and daughters to 
dance to at the Dad-Daughter event There wasn t a generation gap here 

Vox Puellarum is a girls' service organization 
dedicated to helping our school and 
community. The Latin meaning is "voice of 
the girls," and their voices are expressed in 
activities such as March of Dimes, Senior 
Citizens' luncheon, and Project Joy. Their 
school activities included guiding parents at 
open house and serving refreshments at the 
drama production, "Big Rock at Candy's 

1 FALL OFFICERS: L to R . Laury Goerz, treasurer: 
Doreen Becker, historian: Perri Verge, vice president: 
Tina Cannpbell, president: Pat Snyder, fifth executive 

2 VOX PUELLARUM: L to R . Outer senni-circle: Linda 
Scott. Gloria Marshall. Laury Goerz, Doreen Becker, 
Pern Verge, Ronnel Nicholl. Marelee Bauer. Mary Davis. 
Nancy Pearson Inner semi circle Sandy Fox, Gayle 
Hendrickson. Pat Snyder, Billie DeHart Front: Tina 

3 SPRING OFFICERS: L to R , Billie DeHart, historian: 
Marelee Bauer, fifth executive: Mary Jane Hedemark, 
secretary Laury Goerz was spring semester president. 
Not pictured: Sandy Fox. vice president: Mary Davis, 


KEY CLUB MEMBERS: top to bottom: Ed Torrison, Chris Salvage, Mike Evenoff. 
Dave Lill. Brian Huey. Clayton Allen, Mike Wilhite, Steve Rabb. Pat Stare, Jim 
O Conner, Jim Diehl, Paul Ingersol. Jim Worthington, Mike Ormsby, Dan Villalobos. 
Ken Moe, and Debbie Douglas 

FALL OFFICERS: Ed Torrison, secretary: Ken Moe, treasurer: Dave Lill. president: 
Dan Villalobos, fifth executive: Clayton Allen, vice president 

SPRING OFFICERS: Ken Moe, treasurer: Dan Vrllalobos. fifth executive: Ed 
Torrison, president: Clayton Allen, vice president: Jim Worthington, secretary 

Debbie Douglas. Key Club sweetheart, checks the results of the Christmastime 
canned food drive. 


*Entre amigos* is Spanish group motto 

'Entre amigos,' North Central's 
revised Spanish club is "alive 
and well." said Mrs. Lynette 
McGarry, adviser. "The 
members are dedicated to 
fellowship and cultural 

Activities of the club included 
Spanish Day where the 
members vied with each other 
to get the most sombreros by 
speaking Spanish. 

Singing carols, an inter-city 
food festival, a dinner, and a 
travelog were other club 
activities. 'Viva Norte Central!' 

SPANISH CLUB: (I to r) Top row: Tern 
Rabb, Sue Lesher. Allison Cadby. 
Bryan McKeehan. Sandy Gross, Brent 
Steel, Brian Huey, Ed Torrlson, Steve 
Renz. Brian Gollk, Kris Staley. Middle 
row: Kathy Hare, Dan Villalobos, 
president; Debbie Douglas, secretary; 
Becky Cahill. Craig Mason, Cindy 
Hillyard, Jack Greer, Evelyn Pendleton, 
Dawna Macklin, Jeff Potts, Karen 
Wanless, Barbara Wanless, Sue Doyle 
Bottom row Mike Copier, vice 
president; Mrs McGarry, advisor, 
Brenda Emden, Renee Poe, Toni 
Koerner Kay Potter Loring Sampson, 
Mike McArthur. Phil Owens. Alana 
Reasor, Tim Dechand. Dan Erickson 

. recalling moments of frustration, of laughter, oi success! 

watching the trends through ~ifie years, " 

. . changing with them or remaining yourself. " * 
. . rejoicing when the Indians scored victories, 

. . . sharing in the sorrows of defeat. i 

To tHese feachers who will trod the NC stairs j 

for the last time this June, we dedicate this bootr. ] 

Productions succeed 
with assisUince 

During the middle of a con you see the lights go on or 
off at the wrong time, you'll know Stage Crew is back 
stage. Besides goofing up lighting, they set up for 
cons, plays, concerts, and dances. 

STAGE CREW: from the top. Randy Copier, Colleen Whitworth. 
Marie Wagner. Ken Dyer, Ron Pearson. Front: from left: Jim Wald. 
Karen Wanless. Jofin Graves 


Cercle explores 

homemaking activities 

Speakers talk their way to honors 

For the fifth straight year, the North Central Varsity debate 
team was in the upper part of the standings in District 8 
debate. North Central won the sweepstakes award at the 
Yakima tournament and placed second in sweepstakes at 
the EWSC tournament. Individual debaters won over 40 
trophies this year. Mrs. S. Bennett is team coach. 

1 VARSITY DEBATE TEAM: L to R , Front Row: Cindy Starmer, Tonya 
Gisselberg. Mike Ormsby, Rob Welton. Greg Welton Row 2 Gary 
McCartney. Newman Brovosky. George Boyce. Pat Ormsby, Bernie 
McBrida. Tom Schwanz. Timm Ormsby, Curt Bernal, Joan LaMunyon. 
2. Tom Schwanz. Bernie McBride. Timm Ormsby polish their debate 

3 Mike Ormsby, veteran debater, studies his box to find information to 
build his case 

4 Oral interpreters, coached by Mrs D Murray, also brought honors to 
NC Front Row. L to R , Bob Fitzsimmons, Miss Colleen McOaniel. 
Student teacher and coach, and Don Douglas. Row Two: Sandy Gross. 
Kathi Hare. Shawn DeLong. and Kimm Cardwell. 


lit ' -'a* iTy 

Deca & Co-op 

CO-OP: Back row. L. to R . Rae Hilton. Laurie Simpson, Denise Maier, Janet Guenther. Delores lucker. Allison Cadby, Rosalie Graham, Sharon McAndrews. Front row: 
Danette Roccel, Pat Plybon, Debbie Sides, Teri Chumbley, Karen Cebert, Mrs Jackie Bonn, advisor; Tracy Davidson, Theresa Calabro 

DECA: Back row, L to R . Barb Reichert, Tony Wavada, Matt Felton, Bob Nelson. Brad Blount. Rick Beghtol. Mary Carlson. Linnea Carlson. Sue Brechbill. Bonnie 
Kostelecky Front Row; Pam Pirtle. Robin Findley, Patti Brogan, Tim Nadreau. Cindy Laymen. Doreen Becker. Debbie Shields 


The pride and joy of being an NC Injun 

SPIRIT CLUB: Front Row. L to R.. Lee Ann Eyrich. Kathy Moe. Judy Carney, 
Carol Griffiths, Becky Hillyard, Joni Graham, Denise Foehringer, Bea Panogas. 
Billie DeHart, Terri Owens Row two: Julie Thompson. Karen Gilday. Betty 
Hayward. Donna Lewis. Cindy Berkley. Karen Crull. Lee Henderson. Dawnita 
Castle. Dawn Lemon. Debbie Yaroshuk Row three: Charlene Dotter. Liz 
LaPlante. Tami Grandstaff. Toni Koerner. Cindy Hillyard. Barbara Smith. Kelli 
Mitchell. Terri Rener. Dolores Graham. Kathy Johnson. Row four: Wendy 
Lalley. Jamie Siebengartner. Kathy Kephart. Cindy Herman. Juanita Nutter. 
Lisa Morris. Regina Kembel, Jacinta McKoy. Molly Hedemark. Donna Kuest. 
Debbie Bridge Row five: Connie Heath. Pam Berry. Wendy Baker, Lori Tesch, 
Jean Ytreeide, Brenda Mason. Yvonne Cornwell. Marelee Bauer, Mary Jane 
Hedemark, Judy Brinkman. 


Chess Clubbers make the right moves 

is opponent, tie his mind in knots, and, at the same time, concentrate 
1 what move to make next himself. One tries to anticipate the 

opponent's strategies in an attempt to gain the privilege of saying 

"checkmate" and of winning another game. 

This scene is duplicated hundreds of times yearly by the members of the 
Chess Club. In membership they number a bit over ten people. Club 
members also comprise a team that competes with other schools on a 
regional basis. 

A variation of chess for four players, "Cutthroat Chess," is also a club 
favorite. This variation was patented by Mr. Bob Bland. 

1 Non-club members take part in a match. 

2 Ricardo Samuels contemplates a move. 

3 Deri Powell and Darrell Reedy study the board 
4. Chns Snider awaits his opponent's move 



A student-owned and operated newspaper is one of the most effective and 
informative modes of communication available to students. Without this 
necessary publication, the otherwise closely-knit student body would 
become disjointed. 

This year's NC NEWS was published twice monthly with funds provided by 
the ASB. A new nameplate for the paper was designed by Doug Buckley 
and lettered by John Grennay. Kirsti Nelson, De Hicks, Linda Zupan. Barb 
Fulton, Frank DeCaro, Tammy Myers, Mike Ormsby, and Rob Welton were 
members of the staff both semesters. Bonnie Samek, Duane David, Don 
Swanson, Marc Tumlinson, and Gary Tracy joined the staff second 
semester. Roger Grimes served as cartoonist both semesters. 

Photographs for the paper were taken by Chuck Caraway and Don 

1 Roger Grimes, cartoonist 

2. Duane David, reporter 

3 Don Swanson, reporter 

4. Bonnie Samek. reporter 

Not pictured: Marc Tumlinson, Gary Tracy 


2 Linda Zupan. opinion editor, and Frank DeCaro. 
feature editor, are still hangin' in there. 

3 Kirsti Nelson, editor in chief, and Barb Fulton, sports 
editor, read their favorite newspaper 

4 Tammy Myers, special reporter, and Rob Welton. 
special reporter, count papers for distribution. 


Images of ourselves 
Images of ourselves 
Images of ourselves 
Images of ourselves 


superior , . . doubting 
himself . . . independent 


Senior Class Officers 

Bemie Dyer Kathy Davidson Jeff Ahrendt 

Alma Mater 

North Central North Central, 
Oh, deep from thy rugged wall, 
Tis a solemn spirit calls thy children true. 
Proudly we sing thy praise. 
In these glad high school days. 

Honor for honor due. 
All hail to North Central High. 

Class representatives 
arrange senior events 

1 . Lori Stueve is general chairman of the Senior Prom. 

2 SENIOR HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES: L to R , Back Row: Jim Worthington, Ken 
Moe, Dwight Mizoguchi, Marc Tumlinson, Debbie Van Doren. Front row: Jill Morgareidge. 
Theresa Calabro. Renee Christiansen. Mike Larson, Lori Stueve. Gunnar Evenson. 


In class n out 
things are happenin 

• _9 

4. m ■M^s^ 

1 . Jim Belyea and Bruce Larkin take to the 
trail in motorcrossing 

2 Like many seniors. Frank Juliano holds a 
part-time job He is a hardworking bus boy at 
Clinkerdagger, Bickerstaff and Pens. 

3 Concentration helps one achieve success 
Paula Rasmussen concentrates on an 

4. Denise Ralph is all tuckered out after a 
hard day with the books. 

5 Jill Morgareidge taps her way through 
dance lessons as she prepares herself for a 




1 . Pat Stare and Bob Kuehl decide to try their lucit at hot dogging 

2 Weaving their way through Senior Studio are Maureen Roberds and 

Kris Staley 

3. Mari Martin, Debbie Wormen, Chris Mitchell, and Clayton Allen chart 
personal growth in Senior Home Economics. 

4 Lettering Class provides ink and pen while Corby Harris puts it to use. 



accomplish m en ts 

1. Helen Eggleston has been rewarded for her long 
hours of practice She is now a member of the Junior 

2 High School Bowl team members are Oarel Maxfield, 
Mike Ormsby. Bill Worstell. Craig Mason and Kathy 

3 Dave Lill won 7-up Student of the Week for his hard 
work as president of the Key Club. 



It was a hard choice for judges to decide 
upon the 1975 NC Lilac Princess. The ten 
finalists were Sue Best. Renee Christiansen, 
Jenny Evenoff, Heidi Haynes. Mari Martin, 
Jill Morgareidge, Ann Morris, Cindy Noble, 
Denise Ralph, and Pam Schifer. 

in school 

1 . Marc Kroetch plays the guitar to earn money for 
the TeePee Lighters at the ASB carnival 

2 Senior Class raises money by having the 
baseball throw booth at the carnival. 

3. Bernle Dyer pokes a taco dow/n Curt Bernal as 
they try to win the Sadie Hawkins taco eating 

4 Brian Huey gets a shower In the Key Club booth 
at the ASB carnival 


"Whafs it to yaT' 

1 The Senior Con master of ceremonies was the Honorable Jeff Mendenhall. 

2 SENIOR CON COMMITTEE; L to R , front row: Bernie Dyer. Kathy Davidson. Mary 
Swank. Louise Johnson. Shannon Herrick. Cathy Tannich. Pam Schifer. Sue Lesher. Cathy 
Warren. Kym Dalgarn. Debbie Warman. Stacy Wright Back row: Ken Jackson. Duane 
Hamp. Bill Cressey. Frank Juliano. Doug Swanson, Tom Domini. Dwight Mizoguchi, Mike 
Dunning, and Mike Ormsby. 

3 Here with the Channel None News are Louise Johnson, Don Swanson and Kym 

4. Mary Swank just can't get the car. Shannon Herrick. started. 

Fashion Board 

May 24, 1975 

Davenport Hotel 

Today is Tomorrow's Memories 

Today is ours, each shining golden hour. 

It is here for us to grasp. 
Get the most from this day and moment. 
It will be gone tomorrow, 
And only memories will remain. 
So live today to its fullest. 
For today is tomorrow's memories. 

Gail Gregory 

1975 valedictorians range from A to Z 

Jeff Ahrendt 

Helen Eggleston Judy Cutler 

Rhonda Ziegler 

Seniors receiving 3.2 gpa or better for 7 semesters make up honor roll 

Nancy Sanford 

Chris Rizzi 

Maureen Roberds 

Thesesa Calabro 

Teresa O'Quinn 

Kristi Hannilton 

Robert Morris 

Larae Gibson 

Janis Smith 

Tom Schwanz 

De Hicks 

Linda Wiggins 

Janet Martin 

Dwight Mizoguchi 

Don Douglas 

Cindy Morgan 

Kathryn Hjortedal 

Norma Olsen 

Larry Baker 

Steven Sivret 

Janice Clark 

Nancy Hood 

Sue Brechbill 

Kris Munson 

Ann Morris 

Cheryl Shawlee 

Blane Silvey 

Bradley Broadwell 

Kristine Haskins 

Frank Juliano 

Mike Millick 

Gail Gregory 

Brian Huey 

Darel Maxfield 

Pat Stare 

Lauri Johnson 

Brian Duer 

Melinda Farrer 

Mark Alexander 

Terri Gilbert 

Jonica Keel 

Duanne Hamp 

Emily Cox 

Chris Martin 

Meralee Eckhan 

Linda Zupan 

Roger Grimes 

Pamela Schifer 

Patricia Bafaro 

Ron Sanders 

Chris Mitchell 

Debbie Neuschwander 

Brian Trudeau 

Greg Whipps 

Nancy Pearson 

Amy Wright 

Joseph Thornton 

Kathy Fletcher 

James Barrett 

Linda Scott 

Daniel McNeal 

Curtis Bernal 

David Brown 

Darrell Reedy 

Karen Cebert 

Richard Fink 

Sharee Bush 

Randy Stella 

Jody Faber 

Shirley Rogers 

Damon Larkin 

Pamela McKinney 

Susan Lesher 

Kirsti Nelson 

Suzanne Best 

Tina Campbell 

Luanne Butler 

Jill Morgareidge 

Lori Stueve 

Mark Houk 

Julie Engle 

Jackie Webster 

Melinda Baker 

Rita Wilhelm 

Donald Swanson 

Colleen Whitworth 

Paul Ingersoll 

Tracy Davidson 

Tamara Fong 

David Lill 

Donald Saffle 

Jim Panknin 

Michael Orn^sby 

Gunnar Evenson 

Terry Phelan 

Peggy Sander 

Elaine Gower 

John Ehnes 

Teri Chumbley 

Anthony Wavada 


The reward 
of 12 years 

Spokane Vitblk Schmis 

North Central High School 

/•'or /im'iiify cmtiltibUi cnmph'ted tliv ra/iiiiTiiiciifs for (/rm/iKdioti. l/ie uu unt uf this 


We come together in a swirl 
of classes and activities . . . 


Baker, Melinda 
Becker, Doreen 
Best, Suzanne 
Boyd, Rebecca 
Brogan, Patricia 

Barnes, Donald 
Beeman, Tony 
Binford, Mickey 
Brechbill, Susan 
Brown, David 

Barnett, Douglas 
Beghtol, Richard 
Blair, Teresa 
Bright, Mitchell 
Burden, Merri 

Baron, Sandra 
Belyea, James 
Blount, Brad 
Broadbent, Gerald 
Bush, Sharee 

Barrett, James 
Bernal, Curtis 
Boquist, Mark 
Broadwell, Bradley 
Bush, Terry 


Butler, Luanne 
Carle, Gladys 
Cherry, Brenda 
Clark, Janice 
Copier, Randy 

Cadby, Allison 
Carlile, Paul 
Chester, Caria 
Clifton, Stephen 
Cox, Enriily 

Calabro, Theresa 
Carlson, Linnea 
Christiansen, Renee 
Colling, Cheryl 
Cressey, William 

Campbell, Bradley 
Cathey, David 
Christner, Jodee 
Collins, Larry 
Crocker, Barbara 

Campbell, Tina 
Cebert, Karen 
Chumbley, Terri 
Copier, Michael 
Croghan, Debra 


Cummins, James 
Davis, Carol 
Doughty, Mike 
Dunn, Kevin 
Ehnes, John 

Cutler, Judy 
Davis, Valli 
Doughty, Steve 
Dunning, Mike 
Engle, Julie 

Daniels, Joni 
DeCaro, Frank 
Douglas, Donald 
Dyer, Bernadine 
Erickson, Daniel 

Davidson, Kathy 
DICicco, Mary 
Doyle, Susanna 
Eckhart, Meralee 
Etten, Frederick 

Davidson, Tracy 
Domini, Tom 
Duer, Brian 
Eggleston, Helen 
Evenoff, Jenny 


Evenson, Gunnar 
Fiddler, Roger 
Forbes, Sandra 
Goldsmith, Joe 
Gregory, Gail 

Faber, Joay 
Findley, Robin 
Fulton, Barbra 
Golick, Geraldine 
Grennay, John 

i-aris, Nanette 
Fink, Richard 
Garrison, Derwin 
Gower, Elaine 
Griffith, Robert 

Farrer, Melinda 
Fletcher, Kathy 
Geist, Ricky 
Graham, Kenneth 
Griffiths, Valarie 

Felton, Matthew 
Fong, Tamara 
Gilbert, Terri 
Graham, Rosalie 
Grimm, Alan 


Groh, James 
Halverson, David 
Hanson, Karl 
Heath, Mary Anne 
Herrick, Shannon 

Gross, Peter 
Hamilton, Kristi 
Harmer, Brian 
Hebert, Linda 
Hicks, De Lane 

Guenther, Janet 
Hamley, Donica 
Harris, Corby 
Hehr, Douglas 
Hilton, Rae 

Hagglund, Lani 
Hamp, Duane 
Haskins, Kristine 
Hendricks, Roni 
Hjortedal, Kathryn 

Halterman, Janice 
Hanenburg, Susie 
Haynes, Heidi 
Henkel, John 
Holford, Jeffrey 


Hood, Nancy 
Ingersoll, Paul 
Johnson, Kevin 
Jones, Janet 
Keene, Barry 

Horn, Renee 
Jackson, Ken 
Johnson, Lauri 
Jones, Randy 
Kelly, Delia 

Houk, Mark 
Janssen, Denise 
Johnson, Linda 
Juliano, Frank 
Kelly, James 

Huey, Brian 
Jarrad, Kathy 
Johnson, Louise 
Kachel, Marc 
Kelly, Joseph 

Hunt, Robert 
Johnson, Debra 
Johnson, Mike 
Keel, Jonica 
Knapp, Margie 


Kochel, Mark 
Krusic, Durice 
Larson, Colleen 
Lemon, Scott 
Ling, Debra 

Kostelecky, Bonita 
Kuehl, Robert 
Larson, Michael 
Leone, Craig 
Littman, Michael 

Kostelecky, Sylvia 
Lagerstrom, Michelle 
Lattin, Kenneth 
Lesher, Susan 
Lolley, Donna 

Krebs, Kendall 
Larkin, Bruce 
Lee, Bruce 
Levitski, Cindy 
Luttruil, Ronald 

Kroetch, Marc 
Larkin, Damon 
LeFavour, Kim 
Lill, David 
Lynch, Daniel 


MacKay, Sharon 
Matson, Richard 
McKee, Christie 
McNeal, Daniel 
Morden, Anita 

Maier, Denise 
Maxfield, Darel 
McKenney, George 
Milliken, Tom 
Morgan, Brad 

Malcolm, Jim 
McAdams, Patrick 
McKinley, Terri 
Mitchell, Chris 
Morgan, Cindy 

Martin, Janet 
McAndrews, Sharon 
McKinley, Toni 
Mizoguchi, Dwight 
Morgareidge, JIM 

Martin, Mari 
McBride, Pamela 
McKinney, Pamela 
Moe, Kenneth 
Morin, Joann 


Morris, Ann 
Nelson, Dona 
Nicholl, Ronnel 
Oliver, Scott 
Owens, Philip 

Morris, Robert 
Nelson, Kirsti 
Nigro, Frank 
Olsen, Norma 
Oye, Shane 

Morse, Janet 
Nelson, Steve 
Noble, Cindy 
O'Quinn, Teresa 
Panknin, Jim 

Munson, Kris 
Nepean, Christopher 
Nokes. Edith 
Ormsby, Michael 
Patterson, Cynthia 

Myhre, Timothy 
Neuschwander, Debbie 
Norman, Michael 
Orren, Geanie 
Pearson, Nancy 


Peone, Michael 
Pittenger, Tanya 
Ragland, Timothy 
Reichert, Barbara 
Rogers, Shirley 

Perry, Joslyn 
Plybon, Patty 
Ralph, Denise 
Retter, Gary 
Royer, Debra 

Peterson, Larry 
Poffenroth, Jonie 
Rasmussen, Paula 
Roberds, Maureen 
Rupp, Karen 

Phelan, Terry 
Pope, Rynae 
Realing, John 
Robinette, Sue 
Saffle, Don 

Pirtle, Pamela 
Quiggle, Gerald 
Reasor, Mel 
Robinson, Karia 
Samuels, Arlene 


Sander, Peggy Sanders, Ronald Sanford, Nancy Sattler, Jerry Saywers, Theresa 

Schifer, Pamela Schlienger, Kathy Schraufnagel, Jannes Schwanz, Tom Scoles, Katherine 

Scott, Linda Seelbach, Rocky Semler, Dayn Shawlee, Cheryl Shields, Debra 

Shirkey, Debra Shives, George Sides, Deborah Simmons, Sam Simpson, Laurie 

Sivret, Steven Smith, Janis Smith, Michael Solverson, Darel Somerville, Judith 

Staley, Kristine Stare, Patrick Steel, Brent Stella, Randal Stichweh, Becky 

Stiner, Theresa Stueve, Lorl Sullivan, Lynn Swank, Mary Swanson, Donald 

Swanson, Douglas Tannich, Cathy Tedrow, Anthony Thornton, Joseph Torrison, Edward 

Trudeau, Brian Tucker, Delores Tuckness, Karon Tumlinson, Marc Van de Linde, Cassc 

Varney, Rhonda Villalobos, Daniel Vorhies, Michael Wagner, Marie Wallis, Carol 

...we go, each seeking himself. 

Seniors not pictured 

Adams, Michael 
Allan, Scott 
Anderson, Kary 
Ashmore, Steven 
Bainter, Terry 
Bell, Jeanie 
Benka, Beverly 
Briggs, Roger 
Brougham, John 
Calabro, Paul 
Carlson, Mary 
Carroll, John 
Clingenpeel, Susan 
Cmos, Mike 
Conne, Paul 
Corley, Christine 
Cunningham, Randall 
Custer, Evelyn 
Dalgarn, Kym 
Davidson, Michele 
Davis, Bryan 
Dellwo, Mike 
Denbroder, Sam 
Dewolfe, James 
Dimond, Linda 

Dougherty, Michelle 
Duncan, Linda 
Eirls, Jeffrey 
Finke, Duane 
Fitzpatrick, Daniel 
Foehringer, Jim 
Franetich, Charlotte 
Friesen, Karolina 
Glenn, Helen 
Godsey, Dale 
Grimes, Roger 
Harrington, Ylleen 
Hatch, George 
Hill, Kathy 
Hodneland, Randall 
Houim, Dean 
Jarvis, Joyce 
Kelly, Keith 
Krous, Jim 
Kuhl, Delmon 
Layman, Cindy 
Lucas, Mike 
Mclaughlin, Michael 
Meagher, Kathy 
Mendenhall, Paul 

Millick, Mike 
Nadreau, Timothy 
Nelson, Bobby 
Offutt, Kathy 
Overfield, Paul 
Pitts, David 
Reetz, Kristie 
Revard, Jeffrey 
Rigney, Steven 
Rizzi, Christopher 
Rose, Frank 
Samuels, Ricardo 
Sandaine, Jeffrey 
Sanders, Gary 
Scofield, Martin 
Sherman, William 
Silvey, Blaine 
Udelhoven, Brenda 
Van Doren, Debra 
Wavada, Anthony 
White, Robert 
Williams, Karen 
Wilson, Edward 


- ii 

Come alive in *75 


finding flaws in sophomore theories . . . 
relaxed . . . fashionably perfect . . . 
athletically promising . . . sitting through 
U.S. History . . . looking toward 
the senior year 


Allbery, Monte 
Anderson, Janice 
Anderson, Michael 
Androes, Randy 
Arnzen, Keith 
Attebery, Larry 
Bailey, Shirley 
Baker, Cindy 

Barrett, Timothy 
Barrington, Mary 
Bartch, Donna 
Bates, Guy 
Bauer, Martin 
Bean, Michael 
Becker, Jerry 
Benjamin, Kristine 

Bestgen, Jesse 
Bjordahl, John 
Blackwell, Jeff 
Blair, Benita 
Blodgett, Lisa 
Botts, Tamara 
Bowley, Melinda 
Bowman, Bradley 

Brent, Renee 
Breshears, Cindy 
Briggs, Rosanne 
Broadbent, Linda 
Brown, David 
Brown, Inez 
Brown, Paul 
Bryan, Robert 

Bryant, Diane 
Buckley, Douglas 
Bucknell, Eleanor 
Bush, Charles 
Butler, Joni 
Butt, Dana 
Butt, Steven 
Buttolph, Wesley 

Cael, Edward 
Cafaro, Kevin 
Cahill, Rebecca 
Calder, Annette 
Caldwell, Debra 
Campbell, Carolyn 
Caraway, Charles 
Cardwell, Kimm 

Carey, Cathleen 
Carle, Gloria 
Carlile, Victoria 
Carlson, Candle 
Carlson, Christine 
Casper, Dawn 
Casper, Debra 
Chan, Elizabeth 

Clark, Cheryl 
Clausen, Duane 
Clemenson, Timothy 
Colon, Susan 
Como, Rosemary 
Conboy, Bill 
Conne, John 
Cornwell, Ronald 

Costin, Robert 
Counts, Lori Ann 
Cox, Terrie 
Crafton, Daniel 
Cummings, Gerald 
Cutler, Helen 
Dahl, James 
Dahlgren, Wally 


Daley, Theresa 
Damm, Gary 
Darlow, David 
Dassow. Michael 
David, Duane 
Davidson, Milana 

Davis, Jeffrey 
Davis, Lou Anna 
Davis, Mary 
Day, David 
Deal, Jackie 
DeForge, Laure 

Doherty, Patricia 
Dotter, Marjorie 
Douglas, Debra 
Downing, David 
Duncan, Kellie 
Dunn, Patrick 
Dunn, Steven 
Eggleston, Susan 

Eirls, Debra 
Ellis, Lori 
Emden, Brenda 
Emter, Ronald 
England, Nancy 
Erickson, Julia 
Eschenbacher, Diane 
Eschenbacher, Joe 

Everett, Debra 
Eyrich, Deborah 
Fair, Lisa 
Ferguson, Kevin 
Fetch, Tracy 
Fiksdal, Susie 
Finn, Deanna 
Firestone, Kari 

Fitzsimmons, Robert 
Fleming, Ann 
Fleming, Patricia 
Fodey, Janet 
Foehringer, Vincent 
Fong, Edward 
Fox, Sandra 
Funk, Holly 

Funk, Jeffery 
Gaby, Donald 
Garcia, Ron 
Garrity, Katie 
Gay, William 
Gellner, Jeff 
Gerlack, Pamela 
Germain, David 

Geyer, Kathryn 
Gibson, Debra 
Giese, Beverly 
Gilmore, Phyllis 
Gisselberg, Doug 
Godwin, Pamela 
Goe, Karen 
Goerz, Laurene 



Hutchinson, Curtis 
Hylton, Karen 
James, Kerrie 
Jamison, Gerald 
Jansma, l\/larl< 
Jefferson, Carolyn 

Jensen, Richard 
Jensen, Stacey 
Johnson, Lisa 
Johnson, Priscilla 
Johnson, Robert 
Johnson, Stacey 

Jones, Peggy 
Jones, Susan 
Karlson, Cindy 
Kelly, Tom 
Kelsey, Kerry 
Kiele, Cindia 

Kienzle, Teresa 
Kimpel, Jana 
Kimsey, Gayle 
King, Michael 
Klasch, James 
Knudtson, Michael 

Koerner, Bonnie 
Kollman, Jeff 
Kostelecky, Caria 
Kyle, Michele 
LaMunyon, Joan 

Larson, Cindy 
Lassman, Kurk 
Lawson, Steve 
Lee, Jeanette 
Lee, Mark 

Lefler, Joe 
Lenius, Robert 
Leone, Tami 
Leslie, Randy 
Lewis, Rajidy 

Lockwood, Phil 
Louie, Ricky 
Lovette, Valorie 
Luft, George 
Lynch, Kathleen 

Lystad, Tammy 
MacClain, Michael 
MacDonald, Sherri 
Macklin, Dawna 
Marks, Donna 

Markwell, Laurie 
Marshall, Gloria 
Marten, Loretta 
Martin, Anita 
Martin, Kathleen 
Martin, Susan 

Mashtare, Mark 
Mason, Craig 
Mattix, Tom 
McAdams, Kelly 
McBride, Donald 
McGibbon, Tamra 

McKeehan, Bryan 
McKoy, Deino 
McMillan, Brian 
McNeal, Johanne 
McNutt, Daniel 
Mehl, Sheryl 

Mellgren, Dan 
Mellgren, Mark 
Meyer, Wayne 
Millar, Corinne 
Mitchell, Cindy 
Mitchell, Richard 

Murphy, Kathy 
Myers, Tannmy 
Naslund, Roger 
Nestor, Elizabeth 
Newell, Ronald 

Nilson, Julie 
Nutter, Greg 
O'Connor, James 
O'Neil, Mark 
O'Neil, Maureen 

Ooms, Scott 
Ormsby, Patrick 
Orth, Thomas 
Othmer, Mike 
Overland, Ray 


Panagos, Rebecca 
Parkins, Diana 
Parsons, Jon 
Patterson, Greg 
Patterson, Roger 
Pesik, Cindy 
Pillard, Charles 
Pirtle, Peggy 

Pittenger, Terry 
Plybon, William 
Poe, Renee 
Pohle, Gary 
Price, Tammy 
Provinsel, Charles 
Pupo, Jo Anne 
Guam, Robert 

Rabb, Teresa 
Ramsey, Marc 
Rawlins, Debbie 
Rawson, Ron 
Read, Terry 
Realing, Frank 
Rees, Mitchell 
Reid, Gary 

Renner, Michael 
Renz, Stephen 
Retter, Edward 
Reynolds, Richard 
Rhea, Stacy 
Ricco, Bryan 
Richardson, Ronette 
Riordan, Donna 

Riordan, Jeanne 
Roberts, Larry 
Robertson, John 
Robideaux, Kenneth 
Rollins, Mark 
Root, Debra 
Rosenau, Daveine 
Rosengrant, Ricky 

Sagendorf, Nona 
Salerno, David 
Samek, Bonnie 
Sampson, Bryan 
Sampson, Loring 
Samuels, Ron 
Sanchelli, Lori 
Sandaine, Ralph 

Sanders, Robin 
Schifer, Lyie 
Schmidt, Gary 
Scollard, Ann 

Scott, Brenda 
Scott, John 
Settle, Jacob 
Shawlee, Ken 

Shea, Timothy 
Shirkey, Debra 
Siekerman, Sherry 
Simonsen, Annette 


Sims, Tracey 
Sitton, Bryan 
Skaer, Karen 
Sliz, Christine 
Smathers, Mark 

Smead, Brian 
Smith, Marsha 
Snyder, Patricia 
Sonnenberg, Linda 
Southwick, Kandee 

Swan, Michael 
Taylor, Brenda 
Terhaar, Geri 
Thomas, Nita 
Thompson, David 
Thompson, Marc 
Thompson, Russell 
Thorson, Michelle 

Tinneil, Sharon 
Torrance, Deborah 
Torrison, Eric 
Towers, Cynthia 
Trimble, Jim 
Trudeau, Mark 
Trusty, Renee 
Tucker, Susan 

UrI, Jeffrey 
Vantine, Douglas 
Verge, Perri 
Wacther, Leanne 
Wagner, Paul 
Wahl, Kelly 
Wald, James 
Wanless, Karen 

Wardian, Thomas 
Wares, Wally 
Washburn, Alfred 
Watts, Michelle 
Wavada, Gabrielle 
Webb, Joan 
Webber, Stephanie 
Weber, Steven 

Welton, Robert 
White, Corey 
White, Deanna 
Whitman, Lori 
Williams, Joann 
Williams, Kathleen 
Williams, Thomas 
Wilmann, Dana 


Not pictured 

Akerlund, Leslie 
Alexander, Jodie 
Arndt, Mark 
Barrett, Lynda 
Benson, Raneice 
Best, William 
Breeden, John 
Cartee, Elaine 
Clinton, Kim 
Cooper, Jacqueline 
Craig, Peggy 
Daley, Elizabeth 
Daniels, Doug 
Davis, Laine 
Dean, Pamela 
Delaney, James 
Doughty, Steve 
Edens, Dan 
Forness, Michele 
Galvin, David 
Gawf, Tony 
Goings, Juanita 
Gongaware, Jamie 
Hare, Rosemary 
Hawley, Laura 
Hillhouse, Craig 
Holloway, Thomas 
Jordan, Craig 
Kelch, Holly 

Kendall, Mary 
Krahn, Mark 
Lilly, Ron 
Lopez, Nikki 
Louden, Christine 
Mayn, Tanya 
Miller, Donnie 
Newcomb, Ray 
Ocheltree, Randy 
Peeler, Daniel 
Poe, Ernestine 
Port, Dale 
Post, Dawn 
Powell, Deri 
Rhoads, Patrick 
Rockstrom, Steven 
Rood, Sonia 
Samis, Steven 
Seim, Thomas 
Snell, Karen 
Snow, Gary 
Sullivan, Mortimer 
Swain, James 
Thompson, Jim 
Walton, Jereld 
Ward, Cheryl 
Wickens, Danny 
Williams, Kenneth 

Wilson, Lynn 
Winslow, Tamara 
Wirsch, Barbara 

Wise, Nancy 
Wood, Robert 
Worman, Karen 

Worstell, William 
Worthington, Susan 
Wright, Eileen 

Young, Doris 
Young, Patricia 
Zupan, Emily 


Juniors build skills 
for tomorrow *s life 

1 Sifting their way to success, these juniors try new recipes in cooking 
class. All NC Homemaking classes are now coed 

2 Auto shop captures the attention of these junior fellows. 
3. Sandy Fox whips up a new creation in clothing class. 


Juniors spend 
time wisely? 

1 Pep cons are a great way to support the teams and let off some 

2 Casey Greer makes a great monotone angel for the Christmas 

3 Deciding which career choice to investigate on Career Day are 
Melinda Dennis and Loring Sampson 

4 Doug Gisselberg gets soaked at the Warriors dunking booth at 
the carnival "Plug your nose. Doug" I 

5 A spirited volleyball game keeps these juniors occupied. 


1 . Watching the Indians at the Christmas Basketball Tourney 
kept many juniors from getting bored during the two-week 

2 Keeping up with the styles are Nancy Wise. Sharon 
Holford, and Tim O'Connor 50 s week was a big success and 
the juniors helped make it so 

3 Sue Tucker, Pam Gerlack and Terry Hill take time out to 
enjoy our winter weather. 

4 Isn't this a fun homeroom? Jeff Hall and Milana Davidson 
demonstrate what goes on in a typical junior homeroom. 

Variety keeps 
juniors up-to-date 


Involvement rallies in Junior Class 

Kimpel. secretary: Susie Fiksdal. vice president: 
Diane Eschenbacher, treasurer: Inez Brown, 

Row 1 : Lisa Fair, Pat Henry, Kinnm Cardwell, 
Marjorie Dotter Row 2: Shawn DeLong, Sue 
Worthington, Karen Hylton, Pam Gerlack Row 3: 
Bill Gay Jeff Mall, Rick Bavuso. 

3 Mrs Marilyn Anderson, class advisor, was given 
a box of candy by the class and a kiss by Ron 
Cornwell. talent con chairman 

Junior Week is big success 

1 Competing in the pie-eating contest are Stacy Rhea and Ed Torrison Winning the 
contest were Eric and Ed Torrison 

2 Sharon Holford counts the hearts she won Tuesday with the winning guess of 435 
Mark Thompson won the contest in second lunch. 

3. Mike Larson eats the cake that he bought at the bake sale while Ron Cornwell. Bill Gay 
and Wayne Meyer wait to be offered some. 

4. Students in Silver Spurs give an exciting performance at the talent con. doing the "Can 

5. Sue Jones stuffs crackers into her mouth as fast as possible in hopes that her team 
would win the Grocery Relay 


pseudo sophisticated . . . carefully casual . . . 

overly confident . . . impatiently tolerating driver's 

ed . . . sliding through one more eon between summers 


Adair, Wayne 
Akers, James 
Alden, Jodi 
Allen, Dixie 
Alexander, Dale 
Ambrose, Danette 
Anderson, Donald 
Anderson, Theodore 

Anderson, Tonya 
Androes, Pamela 
Arnzen, Barbara 
Aspenleiter, Rich 
Baggett, Lisa 
Bainter, Wayne 
Baker, Wendy 
Barrett, Kenneth 

Bauch, Dennis 
Bauer, Marelee 
Beardslee, David 
Beck, Jack 
Benson, Tommy 
Berry, Pamela 
Bierce, Thomas 
Binford, Margaret 

Blackwell, Tamara 
Blodgett, Allen 
Boles, Karen 
Boles, Loren 
Bolton, Mike 
Boston, Anthony 
Bowen, Gary 
Bowley, Penny 

Boyce, George 
Brandner, Jody 
Brechbill, Lynda 
Brewer, Patricia 
Bridge, Deborah 
Bright, Stacey 
Brinkman, Judy 
Brooks, Scott 

Brozovsky, Newman 
Burkholz, Randal 
Bybee, Richard 
Cadby, Wendy 
Campbell, Gary 
Carey, Thomas 
Carpenter, Edward 
Carpenter, Kelly 

Carter, Pamela 
Carter, Paula 
Carver, Keith 
Castle, Dawnitta 
Chandler, Aaron 
Chumbley, Nancy 
Clark, Karen 
Clausen, Debora 

Clifton, Larry 
Cluckey, Matthew 
Coffey, Mike 
Coffin, Bret 
Coghlan, Jill 
Cole, Barbara 
Cole, Jody 
Cook, Jodi 

Coppinger, Dwight 
Corley, Juanita 
Cornwell, Yvonne 
Cowan, Mike 
Crafton, Dennis 
Cravens, Janet 
Crull, Alden 
Cullitan, Peter 


Gabzdyl, Pauline 
Gann, Linda 
Gibson, Roberta 
Gilbert, Mike 
Gilday, Karen 

Gisselberg, Tonya 
Glenn, Mary 
Goodwin, Latonna 
Gorman, Perry 
Govwer, Greg 

Graham, Delores 
Grandstaff, Heather 
Grant, David 
Green, Howard 
Gregory, Robert 

Dahl, Celeste 
Dalgarn, Keeley 
Darlow, Veronica 
Dawson, Debbie 
Dechand, Timothy 
Decker, Stanley 
DeHart, Billie 

Delaney, Kathy 
Devaney, Kevin 
Dottar, Charlene 
Doughty, Laura 
Duncan, Dianna 
Duncan, Nina 
Dunning, David 

Durland, Kenneth 
Dyer, Kenneth 
Edlin, Terry 
Edwards, George 
Eirls, Elizabeth 
Elkhart, Dana 
Ellis, Autumn 

Emery, Melinda 
Endsley, Linda 
Engle, Scott 
Erickson, David 
Evenson, Robert 
Everett, Scott 
Eyrich, LeaAnn 

Farrer, Kathy 
Favorit, Janet 
Felch, Larry 
Ferderer, Craig 
Firestone, Kent 
Fitch, Carolyn 
Franetich, Nella 


Griffith, Marian 
Griffith, Marilyn 
Grimes, Linda 
Grothe, Leslie 
Groves, Daniel 
Gruber, Meri 
Gulsvig, Susan 
Gunning, Marjorie 

Guthrie, Karl 
Hagglund, Michael 
Haley, Robert 
Hall, Darlene 
Hall, Jackie 
Hamlin, Keith 
Hammond, Sheryl 
Harrington, Jerrianne 

Hatch, Nita 
Hayes, Theresa 
Hayes, Thomas 
Haynes, Donald 
Heard, Beckie 
Heath, Constance 
Hedemark, Mary Jane 
Hegel, Gerard 

Hehr, Ricki 
Heimbigner, Martin 
Hellerud, Steven 
Henderson, LeeAnna 
Henry, Richard 
Hepper, Timothy 
Hicks, Carol 
Hills, Tamara 

Hillyard, Cynthia 
Hilton, Yolanda 
Hite, David 
Hjortedal, David 
Hodges, Jeffrey 
Hoffman, Kevin 
Hoffman, Susan 
Holford, Janet 

Holm, Bick 
Hopp, Mary 
House, Beth 
Hovind, Jacqueline 

Jarvis, Amy 
Jefferson, William 
Johnson, Kathy 
Johnston, Clifford 

Johnston, Daria 
Jokinen, Mark 
Jones, Ronald 
Joplin, Laurie 

Kanally, Linda 
Keeling, Maurice 
Keith, Laura 
Kelsey, Kathleen 




Reida, Tracy 
Reiner, Mark 
Retter, Teresa 
Rhea, Cynthia 
Rhodes, Linda 

Riley, Shawn 
Robertson, Mark 
Robideaux, Kathryn 
Robins, Jackie 
Rodriguez. Cherry 

Rose, Martin 
Rose, Phyliss 
Rose, William 
Rosengrant, Jeffrey 
Russell, Leon 

Mitchell, James 
Mitchell, Kelly 
Mitchem, Patrick 
Monday, Nola 
Moore, Debra 
Moore, Laura 
Moore, Robert 
Morris, Steve 

Mulvey, Dale 
Munyan, Hope 
Naset, Monica 
Nestor, Richard 
Nokes, Cheryl 
Nolan, Roberta 
Offutt, Terry 
dinger, Craig 

Oliver, Tana 
Olson, Kimberly 
Ormsby, Tim 
Orth, Jerome 
Ortiz, Lydia 
Othmer, Robert 
Panagos, Beatrice 
Pearson, Ronald 

Peckham, Linda 
Pendleton, Evely 
Perry, Joslyn 
Peterson, Sandra 
Pettersen, Rolf 
Pierson, Kathryn 
Piper, Donald 
Poss, Molly 

Sabado, Michele 
Salvage, Chris 
Sampson, Melanit 
Sandaine, Mary 
Schifer, Lynette 
Schur, Laura 

Scoles, Betty 
Seidel, Lynn 
Seidel, Sarah 
Seubert, Rozann 
Sherwood, James 
SIdel, Mark 

Simchuk, Del 
Simon, Rick 
Smilden, William 
Smith, Barbara 
Smith, Joel 
Solverson, Tammy 

Southwick, Kevin 
Spaeth, Leilani 
Spencer, Jacqueline 
Squires, Donald 
Stahlberg, Tracey 
Staley, Donald 

Stamatz, Shelley 
Starmer, CIndee 
Steel, Laurel 
Stow, Timothy 
Straub, Mark 

Summers, James 
Swavely, Paul 
Taylor, Jeff 
Tesch, Laurilyn 
Tesdahl, Craig 

Thome, Donald 
Tracy, Gary 
Tripp, David 
Troxell, Colleen 
Truelove, Yvonne 

Unterseher, Frank 
Vaughan, Sandra 
Vitulli, Mitchell 
Volgardsen, Richard 
Wakefield, Kevin 

Walther, Patricia 
Warden, John 
Warren, Patrick 
Webb, Doreen 
Webb, Lorraine 


Ytreeide, Jean 
Zielinski, Cindy 
Zietlow, Nancy 

Sophomores not pictured 

Andrews, Scott 
Arden, Kristy 
Ashley, Joni 
Austin, Debra 
Bavuso, Rick 
Borden, Terry 
Bouck, Philip 
Boyd, Mathew 
Brewer, Oonna 
Brown, Michael 
Caldwell, Janice 
Chastain. Terrance 
Christensen, Kelly 
Cochrane, Lisa 
Custer, Ott 
Dubois, Caria 
Duhaime, David 
Farris, Cheryl 
Fitzpatrick, Terry 
Franks, Tammie 
Gabriel, Belinda 
Gonzales, Edward 
Grenier, Rhonda 
Hamblin, IVIichael 

Hamilton, Dale 
Hare, Clara 
Harris, Joseph 
Herron, Mike 
Hinnelspach, Dale 
Hisaw, James 
Hoyt, William 
Hudson, Sharon 
Hunstad, Dan 
Jackman, James 
Lawson, John 
Lewis, Craig 
Lilly, Linda 
Luedtke, Steven 
Lund, Raymond 
Marabello, John 
Mason, Mike 
Meyers, Terri 
Miller, Catherine 
Miller, Sam 
Myers, Shane 
Naset, Cliff 
Neis, Kari 
Overfield, Larry 

Parente, Karen 
Patterson, Roxanne 
Powderface, Debbie 
Reid, Donald 
Revard, Terry 
Roberts, Barbara 
Rood, Lorretta 
Sausser, Dennis 
Sayler, Larrin 
Scott, Nancy 
Shoberg, Brad 
Smith, David 
Smith, Kim 
Snider, Curtis 
Steele, Ron 
Sutton, James 
Von Steuben, Kevin 
White, Robert 
Whitman, Lisa 
Wilson, Charlette 
Wilson, Marvin 
Wright, Michael 

Weber, Donald 
Wellbrink, Alexander 
Welton, Gregory 
Wheeler, Terry 
Whipps, Larry 

White, Bret 
White, Craig 
White, Mary 
Whitney, Dan 
Wiedmer, Vickie 

Wiggins, Billy 
Wilhite, Michael 
Williams, Brian 
Williams, Toni 
Wilson, April 

Wilson Becky 
Windishar, Jerry 
Wines, Rose 
Wolbert, Dennis 
Wood, Christy 

Wood, Howard 
Wunderlich, Dan 
Wyland, Allison 
Wynne, Mathew 
Yaroshuk, Debra 



B'Squad Cheerleaders 
keep things rolling 


Studies explore 
working world 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ 

1 Mary White demonstrates her creativity in an art class 

2 Concentration and hard work make Wayne Balnter s project turn out great 

3 Mr. Huffman assists Bret White with a woodworking assignment. 

4 Gening it to fit just right is Mark Straub in his metal shop class. 

Driving down the road with Mr. Noah 

1 Gary Tracy and Terry Wheeler work intently m 
Driver's Education 

2 Howard Green, Ton! Williams, and Diane 
Ramsey are ready for another lesson in driving 

3 Mr Noah holds a conference with Dennis 


Getting into the swim 
of things around NC 

1 "Raindrops keep falling on my head," thinks 
Bret Coffin as the bucket target is hit at the Key 
Club's booth at the ASB carnival 

2 "What's in there? " Billie DeHart asks Tammy 

3 Some enthusiastic sophomores step off the 
bus. ready to start an exciting day? 


Alexander, Gary 
Allen, Darlene 
Allen, Dean 
Allen, Robert 
Arnes, James 
Aspenleiter, Timothy 
Barbanti, Marco 
Barber, Robert 

Barkley, Cynthia 
Barnett, Lauralee 
Barritt, Sherrie 
Belyea, Stephen 
Berglund, Stephen 
Binford, David 
Bishop, Rhonda 
Boisjolie, Mark 

Booher, Glenn 
Boyd, Harry 
Braun, George 
Brockie, Becky 
Brockie, Bill 
Brown, Sherri 
Bryan, Christine 
Bursell, David 

Birster, Diane 
Cafaro, John 
Calabro, Agnes 
Calder, Tom 
Caldwell, Laurel 
Canaday, Jeannette 
Carlile, Christine 
Carney, Judith 

Caro, Marts 
Carpenter, Paula 
Carter, Janet 
Carter, Sue 
Cathey, Barbara 
Christie, Jeffrey 
Clark, Rex 
Clary, Harold 

Cline, Shannon 
Cluckey, Terry 
Cmos, Danny 
Coghill, Barry 
Coghill, Steven 
Conne, Ward 
Cook, Alan 
Cox, Barbara 

Coyle, Timothy 
Cress, Lynda 
Cressey, Timothy 
Crull, Karen 
Cruz, Kevin 
Dahl, Charmayn 
Damm, Terry 
Davis, Sherri 

Davis, Vicky 
Dean, Cindy 
Dean, Hope 
Dearing, Jeff 
Deasy, Colleen 
DeBoer, Terese 
Decker, Philip 
DeLange, Chris 

Delozier, David 
Denny, Walter 
Dever, Candy 
Devine, Patrick 
Dewey, Christine 
Diehl, James 
Dimico, Tony 
Doerschlag, Gary 

Oowell, Harold 
Downey, Patricia 
Dugger, Daria 
Edens, Paul 
Ediin, Kevin 
Edwards, Jon 

Edwards, Rita 
Eggleston, Sharon 
Ellis, Michele 
Evenoff, Michael 
Everett, Craig 
Eyrich, John 

Farrell, Kelly 
Favorit, Karen 
Feaster, Rosemary 
Feehan, William 
Fidler, Tom 
Flatbush, Steven 

Florez, Sandra 
Foehringer, Denise 
Forness, John 
Franetich, Donna 
Frigaard, David 
Gallaher, Lori 

Gambill, Rhonda 
Garrity, Patrick 
Gay, Alec 
Gellner, Deborah 
Gilbert, Karen 

Glendenning, James 
Glenn, Carol 
Golik, Brian 
Gorman, Marius 
Gower, Brian 

Gower, Tom 
Graham, Carlen 
Graham, Joni 
Grandstaff, Tami 
Greer, Jack 

Greer, Sammy 
Griffiths, Carol 
Griswold, Michele 
Gunning, Mary Jo 
Hackett, Kathleen 

Hadley, Savenia 
Hannebohn, Don 
Hanneman, Brian 
Hardt, Carol 
Hare, Martin 



Mallicoat, Kenneth 
Markland, Susan 
Martin, David 
Martin, Jeraid 
Mashtare, Crystal 
Mason, Brenda 
Matthews, Dayle 
Matthews, Gayle 

McAullffe, Paulette 
McCarrey, Jefferey 
McKeehan, Shana 
McKenzie, Barbara 
McLeod, Mary 
McMillan, Terry 
McNutt, Robert 
Mendenhall, Colleen 

Meyer, Christopher 
Miller, Debra 
Moe, Kathryn 
Moore, Diana 
Moore, Walter 
Moran, Timothy 
Morris, Lisa 
Munyan, Edwin 

Nebeker, Tom 
Nelson, Susan 
Nelson, Wayne 
Newberg, Dwight 
Newcombe, Richard 
Nutter, Juanita 
Ocheltree, Tamra 
O'Conner, Timothy 

Olson, Carolyn 
Ortiz, Bias 
Owen, Theresa 
Oye, Mark 
Pardun, Craig 
Parker, James 
Payne, Kathryn 
Pence, Laura 

Pendleton, Lois 
Potts, Jeff 
Powell, Rebecca 
Price, Tom 
Quaschnik, Joseph 
Rabb, Sheryl 
Ramsey, Deborah 
Rarrick, Craig 

Rodriguez, Jose 
Rogers, Ronnie 
Roop, Jay 


Rose, Shelly 
Rosengrant, Deborah 
Rupp, Patrick 

Russell, Veronica 
Sampson, Robert 
Samuels, Dave 

Sattler, Cynthia 
Schneider, Joseph 
Schraufnagel, Wendy 
Scollard, Terry 
Scott, Karl 
Scott, Leiand 
Settles, Keza 
Sevshek, David 

Shaw, Jay 
Shaw, Kathreen 
Shellabarger, Harlan 
Shields, Dennis 
Siebengartner, Jamie 
Skjothaug, Gwen 
Smith, Brian 
Smith, Darl 

Smith, Mark 
Snider, Christopher 
Snow, Jerry 
Sorenson, William 
Sprenger, Ted 
Standaart, Stephen 
St. George, Robert 
Stewart, Edward 

Stichweh, Richard 
Stoltenberg, Larry 
Stone, David 
Suders, Robert 
Sullivan, Kris 
Summerlin, Gilbert 
Talarico, Michael 
Taylor, Mark 

Thayer, Arthur 
Thompson, Julie 
Thompson, Samuel 
Tofsrud, Leeann 
Torrence, Dawn 
Turner, Teresa 
Udland, Eric 
VanBibber, Kathy 


Wilhite, Mitch 
Williams, Tamara 
Willmann, Harold 
Windishar, Tina 
Woods, Fred 

Villalobos, Janet 
Wagner, Brian 
Waines, Tanni 
Wanless, Barbara 
Wavada, Andrew 
Webb, Kathy 
Weber, Rose 

Welch, Carrie 
Wellbrink, Winnie 
Welch, Sandy 
Wellman, Jody 
Welton, Lori 
White, Cindy 
White, Sandy 

Freshmen not pictured 

Altieri, Teresa 
Bivens, Gary 
Blair, Lenny 
Blount, Franklin 
Buttolph, Gregrey 
Canipe, Randie 
Clouse, Daniel 
Corley, William 
Counts, Wendy 
Cunningham, Debi 
Darling, Tony 
Dasovich, Jesse 
Davis, Lance 
Esler, John 
Fife, Charles 

Fry, Beth 
Gerling, Peggy 
Gibson, Stephanie 
Giltner, Carmen 
Grasham, Ed 
Harrington, Canneron 
Ives, Lori 
Lambert, Laren 
Lucas, Joe 
McArthur, Michael 
McLellan, Johnny 
Meacham, Norma 
Meals, William 
Morrell, Mike 
Murphy, Cynthia 

Nicholson, David 
O'Grady, Nina 
Oxford, Theresa 
Parker, Allyn 
Pickett, Darrell 
Potter, Christopher 
Quine, Natalina 
Smyth, Denise 
Taylor, Lori 
Tracy, Robin 
Travis, Kevin 
Wallen, Mark 
Walton, Jackie 
Welch, Sandra 
Wing, Glenda 





IIP 1 



Freshmen face 
new challenges 

1 Carrie Welch studies during one of her six daily classes. 

2 Concentrating on the football action is Marta Caro. 

3 Eddie Munyan practices a lettering assignment 

4 "To Kill a Mockingbird" is a widely read book in freshmen "Readings 
in Lit " classes Here Kevin Ediin takes his turn 



Today we study; 
tomorrow we don't 

1 Sandi White studies in the 
Girls' P E office 

2 Abandoning their studies, 
these freshmen hang out the 
windows, inhaling Sonne fresh air. 

3 Back to the study routine. 
Gayle Mathews, right, and Donna 
Lewis, left, do an assignment. 


Classes develop 
individual talents 

inspire spirit 

Frosh cheerleaders are, L. to R.. Molly Hedemark, Tina WIndishar, Judy Carney, and 
Karen Crull. 

Names, numbers. 
Names, numbers, 
Names, numbers. 
Names, numbers. 

and ads 


When you 
save your money 
think of the name 
and all It stands for. . . 



W 818 fl/verside/Norlhwest Boulevard, 2215 NorlhwesI B/fd/Manito. 29lh at 
Grand/Town and Country. N. 6404 Monroe/Lincoln Square. S, 1422 Lincoln/ 
APPLEWAY. 13208 E. Sprague, Opporfun/fy/EPHRATA. 252 W. Division/COL- 
FAX. 505 S Mam/PULLMAN. 225 N. Grant/ZCHENEY. 304 First Ave. 

You are tomorrow . . . You are tomorrow . . . 
New, bright, beautiful. Eager, anxious, hopeful. 

You are tomorrow . . . You are tomorrow . . . 
Fresh, clear, dawning. Today. 


Spokane & Eastern Branch 


N. 1303 Division 

Owner: Paul Eng 



Over 60 

* offices 
to serve you 


Old National Bank 
of Washington 

A Washington Bancshares Bank 
An Equal Opportunity Employer 








N. 1724 Monroe 



Featuring Italian Foods • Steaks 
Sea Foods • Chicken 

Phone Rl 7-9559 N. I II Post, Spokane, We. 

Tony and Tina Genova 


Congratulations to the Class of 1975 

and especially to 


Aikins, Cheryl 

Davidson, Kathy 

Morden, Anita 

Anderson, Doug 

Douglas, Don 

Nepean, Chris 

Bafaro, Patty 

Eckhart, Meralee 

Noble, Cindy 

Baker, Lindy 

Etten, Fred 

O'Quinn, Teresa 

Baron, Sandra 

Evenson, Gunnar 

Pittenger, Tanya 

Barrett, James 

Fulton, Barbara 

Plyborn, Patti 

Beeman, Tony 

Giest, Ricky 

Ralph, Denise 

Beghtal, Rick 

Gilbert, Terri 

Reichert, Barbara 

Belyea, Jim 

Gregory, Gail 

Retter, Gary 

Best, Sue 

Hanenburg, Susie 

Robinette, Sue 

Bolton, Stacy 

Heath, Mary Ann 

Shawlee, Cheryl 

Broadwell, Brad 

Herrick, Shannon 

Shives, George 

Brechbill, Sue 

Hicks, De 

Sides, Debbie 

Bush, Sharee 

Hinkel, John 

Simmons, Sam 

Campbell, Tina 

Krebs, Kendall 

Simpson, Laurie 

Carlson, Mary Jean 

Kuehl, Bob 

Stueve, Lori 

Carlson, Linnea 

Larkin, Damon 

Sullivan, Lynn 

Clifton, Steve 

Larkin, Bruce 

Thornton, Joe 

Colling, Cheryl 

Lee, Bruce 

Trudeau, Brian 

Copier, Mike 

LeFavour, Kim 

Wissink, Mary 

Cummins, Jim 

Luttrell, Ronald 

Wood, Kevin 

Maier, Denise 

Garland Theater Building 




N. 1705 Monroe 
Spokane, WA 99205 





Enlarging, Copying 
Natural color and 
Black and White 

W. 127 Indiana 







Import Auto Parts 

2106 N. Monroe 

328-381 1 


910 W. Francis 

328-9938 or 325-0038 

too good to waste 



School Products Inc. 

See us for: 

Class Rings 
Cap & Gowns 
Blazers - Awards 
Band Uniforms 

Dale Quincy 
Kurt Owens 
Kris Knigh 

E. 316Sprague 747-4805 

An operttion of CABARET 

Honky Tonk Music 


W. 1018 Francis Ave. (at Monroe) • Spokane, Wa. 99208 • FA 5-1737 

1525 N. Oak 

Trust in the Lord with all thine 
heart; and lean not unto thine 
own understanding. 

In all thy ways acknowledge 
Him, and He shall direct thy 

Proverbs 3: 5,6 

Instant Printing Center 

SPOKANE, WA 99201 



Faculty Index 

Rodkey, John 20 
Mhyre, Kenneth 23 
Sanford, Gregory 25 

Anderson, Marilyn 31 ,1 61 ,1 74 
Ashe, Pamela 

Baker, Gilbert 37 
Bauer, Arthur 27,41,60 
Bennett, Sandra 29,106 
Besecker, Dana 36 
Belts, David 30 
Blair, Dale 36 
Bland, Robert 26 
Briscoe, Laura Lee 199 
Broadwell, Vern 32 
Bunn, Jackie 22,107 
Butterfield, Patricia 23 

Cafeteria Personnel 21 
Caldwell, Michael 30,79 
Carter, Yvonne 34 
Chalich, George 26,42,49 
Clark, Patrick 23,50 
Constance, William 22 
Crouch, Thomas 24 
Culp, Christine 29 

Davis, Dan 35 

Eddy, Barbara 30,86 
Erickson, Norman 37 
Everson, Joe 23,55 

1 Jaynetta Kight 

2. Laura Lee Briscoe 

3. Billie Mountain 

Exiey, Burrlll 37 

Farris, Sue 26 
Feryn, Judy 34,86 
Fink, Sandra 31 

Gilllngham, Margaret 28 
Glover, Blair 22 
Graham, Leonard 32 
Greenwood, Mike 33,42,60 

Hager, Vivian 35 
Haugen, Mary 35 
Hindricks, Merval 21 
Hopkins, Jerry 27 
Huffman, Terry 32,175 
Hughes, Jerry 27 

Jewell, Lyie 27 
Johnson, Joyce 28 
Jonas, Joseph 30,87 
Jones, Dan 26 

Kight, Jaynetta 199 

Llll, Lucile 33,62 
Lindberg, Nancy 35,83 
Littlemore, Jerry 27,44 
Lobe, Kathy 31,105 
Long, Leonard 29,46,47 
Luppert, John 30 

Malterner, John 35 
Manfred, Alfonso 22,57 
McGarry, Lynette 34,102 
Mikiska, Donald 33,52 
Mills, Stella 33 
Montroy, Ralph 30,43 
Moore, Monte 28,190 
Mountain, Billie 199 
Murray, Dorothy 34,100,106 

Noah, Darrell 32,176 
Nye, William 37 

Olsen, Linda 31 
Olson, Dan 36,109 

Rieken, Dean 34,92 
Rostvold, Gene 37 

Sander, Gayle 33,61,64,65,68, 

Schauble, Joseph 37,42,60 
Simonson, Raymond 36,70 
Smith, George 36 

Thamm, William 32,117 
Theisen, Orval 36 
Thomas, Conrad 32 
Thompson, Harold 33 
Tremblay, Joseph 34 

Walker, Ronald 26 
Weir, Michael 34,41 
Wendt, Jo 33,69 



Adair, Wayne 165 

Ahrendt, Jeffrey 86,128 

Akerlund, Steve 74,76,156 

Akers, James 50,83,165,43 

Alden, Jodi 165 

Alexander, Dale 50,165 

Alexander, Gary 179,53 

Alexander, Jodie 156 

Allbery, Monte 149 

Allen, Clayton 41.93,101,1 19 

Allen, Darlene 179 

Allen, Dean 47,179 

Allen, Dixie 165 

Allen, Robert 50,81 

Altieri, Teresa 184 

Ambrose, Danette 165 

Anderson, Donald 78,87,110,165 

Anderson, Janice 149 

Anderson, Michael 149 

Anderson, Theodore 165 

Anderson, Tonya 165 

Andrews, Scott 171 

Androes, Pamela 54,62,165 

Androes, Randy 149 

Arden, Kristy 171 

Arndt, Mark 156 

Arnes, James 179 

Arnzen, Barbara 165 

Arnzen, Keith 149 

Ashley, Joni 1 71 

Aspenleiter, Rich 165 

Aspenleiter, Timothy 50,1 79 

Attebery, Larry 149 

Austin, Debra 171 

Bafaro, Patricia 78,79,89,90, 

Baggett, Lisa 165 
Bailey, Shirley 149 
Bainter, Wayne 165,175 
Baker, Cindy 149 
Baker, Melinda 126,131 
Baker, Wendy 108,165 
Barbanti, Marco 1 79 
Barber, Robert 1 79 
Barkley, Cynthia 81,108,179 
Barnes, Donald 49.131 
Barnett, Douglas 131 
Barnett, Lauralee 69,179 
Baron, Sandra 89,94,131 
Barrett, James 131 
Barrett, Kenneth 165 
Barrett, Lynda 156 
Barrett, Timothy 149 
Barrrington, Mary 149 
Barritt, Sherrie 81,1 79 
Bartch, Donna 149 
Bates, Guy 149 
Bauch, Dennis 165 
Bauer, Marelee 80,100,108,165, 

Bauer, Martin 149 
Bavuso, Rick 78,161,171 
Bean. Michael 149 
Beardslee, David 42,165 
Beck, Jack 165 

Becker, Doreen 64,95,100,107, 

Becker, Jerry 149 
Beeman, Tony 131 
Beghtol, Richard 107,131 
Belyea, James 118,131,174 
Belyea, Stephen 50,179,43 
Benjamin, Kristine 149 
Benson, Raneice 156 
Benson, Tom 165 
Berglund, Stephen 74,179 
Bernal, Curtis 95,106,131 

Berry, Pamela 108,165 
Best, Jack 42 
Best, Suzanne 64,86,1 31 
Bestgen, Jesse 149 
Bierce, Thomas 165 
Binford, David 42,179 
Binford, Margaret 69,165 
Binford, Mickey 131 
Bishop, Rhonda 1 79 
Bivens, Gary 184 
Bjordahl, John 41,149 
Blackvifell, Jeff 47,149 
Blackwell, Tamara 80,165 
Blair, Benita 149 
Blair, Lenny 184 
Blair, Teresa 131 
Blodgett, J. Allen 78,165 
Blodgett, Lisa 78,149 
Blount, Brad 107,131 
Blount, Franklin 184 
Boisjolie, Mark 1 79 
Boles, Karen 81,165 
Boles, Loren 54,165 
Boles, Tim 42 
Bolton, Mike 42,165 
Booher, Glenn 179 
Boquist, Mark 131 
Borden, Terry 171 
Bost, William 156 
Boston, Anthony 165 
Botts, Tamara 149 
Bouck, Philip 171 
Bowen, Gary 165 
Bowley, Melind^ 69,149 
Bowley, Penny 165 
Bowman, Bradley 149 
Boyce, George 106,165 
Boyd, Harry 179 
Boyd, Matthew 1 71 
Boyd, Rebecca 131 
Brandner, Jody 165 
Braun, George 1 79 
Brechbill, Lynda 165 
Brechbill, Susan 64,107,131 
Breeden, John 1 56 
Brent, Renee 80,149 
Breshears, Cindy 149 
Brewer, Donna 1 71 
Brewer, Patricia 165 
Bridge, Deborah 108,165 
Briggs, Rosanne 81 ,149 
Bright, Mitchell 49,131 
Bright, Stacey 80,165 
Brinkman, Judy 108,165 
Broadbent, Gerald 41,131,53 
Broadbent, Linda 149 
Broadwell, Bradley 131 
Brockie, Becky 69,81 ,1 79 
Brockie, Del 42 
Brogan, Patricia 107,131 
Brooks, Scott 165 
Brown, David 41,131,149 
Brown, Inez 61 ,64,93,95,149, 

Brown, Michael 1 71 
Brown, Paul 149 
Brown, Rocky 42 
Brown, Sherri 179 
Brozovsky, Newman 106,165 
Bryan, Christine 81,179 
Bryan, Robert 140 
Bryant, Diane 149 
Buckley, Douglas 110,149 
Bucknell, Eleanor 149 
Burden, Merri 64,131 
Burkholz, Randal 165 
Bursell, David 179 
Bush, Charles 149 
Bush, Daryl 42 
Bush, Sharee 64,94,99,131 
Bush, Terry 131 
Buster, Diane 76,1 79 
Butler, Joni 81,149 
Butler, Luanne 61,132 
Butt, Dana 83,149 

Butt, Steven 149 
Buttolph, Gregrey 184 
Bybee, Richard 165 

Cadby, Allison 64,65,89,95,102, 

Cadby, Wendy 89,165,96 
Cael, Edward 149 
Cafaro, John 179 
Cafaro, Kevin 149 
Cahill, Rebecca 102,149 
Calabro, Agnes 81 ,1 79 
Calabro, Theresa 107,1 15,132 
Calder, Annette 62,149 
Calder, Little Tom 179 
Caldwell, Debra 149 
Caldwell, Janice 1 71 
Caldwell, Laurel 179 
Campbell, Bradley 132 
Campbell, Carolyn 149 
Campbell, Gary 78,165 
Campbell, Tina 64,87,89,100,132 
Canaday, Jeannette 179 
Canipe, Randie 184 
Caraway, Charles 87,110,149 
Cardwell, Kim 61,64,68,78,79, 

Carey, Cathleen 149 
Carey, Thomas 47,165,53 
Carle, Gladys 132 
Carle, Gloria 149 
Carlile, Christine 1 79 
Carlile, Paul 49,132 
Carlile, Victoria 149 
Carlson, Candle 74,149 
Carlson, Christine 80,149 
Carlson, Linnea 107,132 
Carlson, Mary 107 
Carney, Judith 108,179,191 
Caro, Marta 179,187 
Carpenter, Edward 165 
Carpenter, Kelly 42,80,165,53 
Carpenter, Paula 81,179 
Cartee, Elaine 156 
Carter, Janet 179 
Carter, Pamela 74,76,165 
Carter, Paula 165 
Carter, Sue 1 79 
Carver, Keith 165 
Casper, Dawn 149 
Casper, Debra 149 
Cassan, Threasa 62,143 
Castle, Dawnitta 80,108,165 
Cathey, Barbara 179 
Cathey, David 76,77,132 
Cebert, Dave 42 
Cebert, Karen 89,107,132 
Chan, Elizabeth 149 
Chandler, Aaron 42,165 
Chastain, Terrance 171 
Cherry, Brenda 132 
Chester, Caria 80,132 
Christiansen, Kelly 171 
Christiansen, Reed 42 
Christiansen, Renee 61,64,67, 

Christie, Jeffrey 179 
Christner, Jodee 95,132,97 
Chumbley, Nancy 165 
Chumbley, Teri 107,132 
Clark, Cheryl 64,149 
Clark, Janice 64,132 
Clark, Karen 165 
Clark, Rex 179 
Clary, Harold 74,179 
Clausen, Debora 165 
Clausen, Duane 149 
Clemenson, Timothy 78,79,149 
Clifton, Larry 78,165 
Clifton, Stephen 78,79,132 
Cline, Shannon 1 79 
Clinton, Kim 156 
Clouse, Daniel 184 

Cluckey, Matthew 165 
Cluckey, Terry 81,179 
Cmos, Danny 50,179 
Cochrane, Lisa 171 
Coffey, John 165 
Coffin, Bret 50,165,177 
Coghill, Barry 42,50,179 
Coghill, Steven 42,179 
Coghlan, Jill 165 
Cole Barbara 80,165 
Cole, Judy 172 
Cole, Loretta 165 
Colling, Cheryl 132 
Collins, Lawrence 132 
Colon, Susan 69,105,149 
Como, Rosemary 64,78,149 
Conboy, Bill 149 
Conne, John 44,149 
Conne, Ward 179 
Cook, Alan 42,179 
Cook, Jodi 165 
Cooper, Jacqueline 156 
Copier, Michael 102,132 
Copier, Randy 104,132 
Coppinger, Dwight 165 
Corley, Christine 83 
Corley, Juanita 165 
Corley, William 184 
Cornwell, Ronald 78,149,161, 

Cornwell, Yvonne 80,108,165 
Costin, Robert 149 
Counts, Lori 149 
Counts, Wendy 81,184 
Cowan, Mike 47,165 
Cox, Barbara 179 
Cox, Emily 64,132 
Cox, Terrie 149 
Coyle, Timothy 179 
Crafton, Daniel 149 
Crafton, Dennis 165 
Craig, Peggy 156 
Cravens, Janet 165 
Cress, Lynda 81,179 
Cressey, Timothy 47,179,53 
Cressey, William 79,132 
Crocker, Barbara 132 
Croghan, Debra 132 
Crull, Alden 165 
Crull, Karen 61,69,108,179, 

Cruz, Kevin 179 
Cullitan, Peter 165 
Cummings, Gerald 149 
Cummins, James 133 
Cunningham, Debi 184 
Cunningham, Randy 83 
Custer, Ott 47,171 
Cutler, Helen 149 
Cutler, Judy 61,62,63,64,65, 

Dahl, Celeste 166 
Dahl, James 149 
Dahlgren, Wally 149,166 
Daley, Elizabeth 156 
Daley, Theresa 1 50 
Dalgarn, Kym 83 
Damm, Gary 150 
Damm, Terry 179 
Daniels, Doug 156 
Daniels, Joni 83,133 
Darling, Tony 184 
Darlow, David 150 
Darlow, Veronica 74,166 
Dasovich, Jesse 184,43 
Dassow, Michael 150 
David, Duane 1 10,150 
Davidson, Kathy 74,77,133,96 
Davidson, Milana 150,159 
Davidson, Tracy 107,133 
Davis, Bryan 74 
Davis, Carol 133 

Davis, Jeffrey 41,74,76,150 
Davis, Laine 156 
Davis, Lou Anna 74,150 
Davis, Mary 100,150 
Davis, Sherri 61,179 
Davis, Valli 133 
Davis, Vicky 179 
Dawson, Debbie 166 
Day, David 78,150 
Deal, Jacl<ie 150 
Dean, Cindy 179 
Dean, Hope 179 
Dean, Pamela 1 56 
Dearing, Jeff 1 79 
Deasy, Colleen 76,179 
DeBoer, Terese 81,179 
DeCaro, Frank 110,111,133 
Dechand, Timothy 102,166,53 
Decker, Philip 47,179 
Decker, Stanley 166 
DeForge, Laure 150 
DeHart, Billie 70,100,108,166, 

Delaney, James 156 
Delaney, Kathy 166 
DeLange, Christina 179 
DeLong, Shawn 62,64,78,106, 

DeLozier, David 1 79 
Denbroder, Elizabeth 150 
Dennis, Melinda 64,78,105,150, 


Denny, Walter 1 79 
Devaney, Kevin 166,53 
Devaney, Kimberly 74,77,89,150 
Dever, Candy 1 79 
Devine, Cindy 81 
Devine, Patrick 179 
Dewey, Christine 61,179 
Dewey, Mike 150 
DiCicco, Mary 133 
Diehl, James 81,101,179,53 
Dimico, Renita 62,64,95,150 
Dimico, Tony 1 79 
Dinger, Ron 42 
Doerschlag, Gary 179 
Doherty, Patricia 150 
Domini, Tom 47,133 
Dotter, Charlene 61,108,166 
Dotter, Marjorie 150,160,161 
Doughty, Laura 166 
Doughty, Mike 133 
Doughty, Steve 133,156 
Douglas, Debra 62,64,101 ,102, 

Douglas, Donald 78,106,133 
Dowell, Harold 180 
Downey, Patricia 69,180 
Downing, David 150 
Doyle, Susanna 102,133 
DuBois, Caria 171 
Duer, Brian 133 
Dugger, Daria 180 
DuHaime, David 171 
Duncan, Dianna 166 
Duncan, Kellie 150 
Duncan, Nina 166 
Dunn, Kevin 133 
Dunn, Patrick 150 
Dunn, Steven 1 50 
Dunning, David 166 
Dunning, Mike 133,43 
Durland, Kenneth 47,166,53 
Dyer, Bernadine 95,133 
Dyer, Kenneth 104,166 

Eckhart, Meralee 64,67,87,1 1 7 
Edens, Dan 156 
Edens, Paul 180 
Ediin, Kevin 180,187 
Ediin, Terry 42,166 
Edward, George 166 
Edwards, Jon 180 

Edwards, Rita 81 

Eggleston, Helen 78,121,128 

Eggleston, Sharon 189 

Eggleston, Susan 64,63,78,150 

Ehnes, John 133 

Eirls, Debra 150 

Eirls, Elizabeth 69,75,76,166 

Eirls, Jeffrey 54 

Elkhart, Dana 74,166 

Ellis, Autumn 166 

Ellis, Lori 150 

Ellis, Michele 180 

Emden, Brenda 87,102,150 

Emery, Melinda 166 

Emter, Ronald 46,47,150 

Endsley, Linda 80,166 

England, Nancy 78,150 

Engle, Julie 62,63,64,76,95, 

Engle, Scott 74,166,172 
Erickson, Daniel 102,133 
Erickson, David 47,166 
Erickson, Julia 1 50 
Eschenbacher, Diane 69,78,150, 


Eschenbacher, Joe 41,50,150 
Esler, John 189 
Etten, Frederick 133 
Evenoff, Jenny 64,67,133 
Evenoff, Michael 42,50,81,101, 

Evenson, Gunnar 1 15,134 
Evenson, Robert 50,166 
Everett, Craig 180 
Everett, Debra 1 50 
Everett, Scott 166 
Eyrich, Deborah 75,150 
Eyrich, John 180 
Eyrich, Lea Ann 75,108,166 

Faber, Jody 64,78,134 
Fair, Lisa 64,86,1 50,161 
Paris, Nanette 64,65,134 
Farrell, Kelly 180 
Farrer, Katherine 74,166 
Farrer, Melinda 134 
Farris, Cheryl 171 
Favorit, Janet 166 
Favorit, Karen 180 
Feaster, Rosemarie 180 
Feehan, William 47,180 
Felch, Larry 166 
Felton, Matthew, 107,134 
Ferderer, L. Craig 44,166 
Ferguson, Kevin 150 
Fetch, Tracy 78,150 
Fiddler, Roger 78,83,134 
Fidler, Tom 180 
Fife, Charles 184 
Fiksdal, Susie 64,150,161 
Findley, Robin 107,134 
Fink, Richard 78,134 
Finke, Duane 83 
Finn, Deanna 150 
Firestone, Kari 64,150 
Firestone, Kent 166 
Fitch, Carolyn 166 
Fitzpatrick, Terry 171 
Fitzsimmons, Robert 47,78,106, 

Flatbush, Steven 180 

Fleming, Ann 1 50 

Fletcher, Kathy Jo 64,78,79, 

Florez, Sandra 180 
Fodey, Janet 1 50 
Foehringer, Denise 81 ,108,180 
Foehringer, Vincent 150 
Fong, Edward 41,49,150 
Fong, Tamara 62,63,64,65,93, 


Forbes, Sandra 74,134 
Forness, John 81,180,53 

Forness, Michele 156 
Fox, Sandra 64,100,150,157 
Franetich, Donna 180 
Franetich, Nella 69,166 
Franks, Tammie 171 
Freese, Russel 74,166 
French, Marjorie 166 
Frigaard, David 50,180,188 
Frignand, Dave 42 
Fry, Beth 184 
Frye, Richard 44,78,166 
Fulton, Barbara 110,111,134 
Funk, Holly 80,150 
Funk, Jeffery 150 
Funk, Wendy 81,83,166 

Gabriel, Belinda 171 
Gaby, Donald 44,150 
Gaby, Linda 166 
Gabzdyl, Pauline 166 
Galbraith, Eric 42 
Gallaher, Lori 180 
Galvin, David 156 
Gambill, Rhonda 180 
Gann, Linda 166 
Garcia, Ron 1 50 
Garrison, Derwin 134 
Garrity, Kathleen 61,64,150 
Garrity, Patrick 42,81 ,180 
Gawf, Tony 1 56 
Gay, Alec 42,180 
Gay, William 41,150,161,162 
Geist, Ricky 134 
Gellner, Deborah 180 
Gellner, Jeff 150 
Gerlack, Pamela 64,86,150,159, 

Gerling, Peggy 184 
Germain, David 150 
Geyer, Kathryn 1 50 
Gibson, Debra 74,150 
Gibson, Roberta 166 
Gibson, Stephanie 184 
Giese, Beverly 1 50 
Gilbert, Karen 180 
Gilbert, Michael 166 
Gilbert, Terri 78,79,83,134 
Gilday, Karen 75,108,166 
Gilmore, Phyllis 80,150 
Giltner, Carmen 184 
Gisselberg, Paul 41,150,158,53 
Gisselberg, Tonya 106,166 
Glendenning, James 180 
Glenn, Carol 81,180 
Glenn, Mary 81,166 
Godwin, Pamela 150 
Goe, Karen 1 50 
Goerz, Laurene 64,100,150 
Goings, Juanita 156 
Goldsmith, Joe 134 
Golik, Brian 42,50,102.180, 

Golik, Geraldine 134,86 
Gongaware, Jamie 156 
Gonzalez, Edward 171,172 
Goodwin, Latonna 166 
Gorman, Marius 180 
Gorman, Perry 166 
Gower, Brian 50,180 
Gower, Elaine 134 
Gower, Glenda 69,105,151 
Gower, Greg 46,47,166 
Gower, Tom 47,180 
Graham, Carlen 180 
Graham, Cheryl 151 
Graham, Delores 69,80,108,166 
Graham, Joni 81,108,180 
Graham, Kenneth 134 
Graham, Rosalie 107,134 
Grandstaff, Heather 166 
Grandstaff, Tami 108,180 
Grant, David 166 
Grant, Mary 81,151 

Grasham, Ed 184 
Graves, John 104,151 
Green, Gail 151 
Green, Howard 166,176 
Green, John 151 
Greer, Casey 78,79,151,158 
Greer, Jack 81,102,180 
Greer, Sammy 180 
Gregory, Gail 134,96 
Gregory, Robert 166 
Grenier, Rhonda 171 
Grennay, John 1 10,134 
Griffith, Marian 167 
Griffith, Marilyn 167 
Griffith, Robert 134 
Griffiths, Carol 81,108,180 
Griffiths, Valarie 64,67,134 
Grimes, Linda 167 
Grimes, Roger 74,89,110,120 
Grimm, Alan 134 
Griswold, Michele 180 
Groh, James 54,135 
Gronberg, Martin 151,43 
Gross, Debbie 78,151 
Gross, Peter 135 
Gross, Sandra 78,102,106,151 
Grote, Steven 74,151 
Grothe, Leslie 54,61,80,167 
Grothe, Michael 151 
Groves, Daniel 74,167 
Gruber, Lori 151 
Gruber, Meri 167 
Guenther, Janet 107,135 
Gulsvig, Susan 168 
Gunning, Marjorie 167,172,174 
Gunning, Mary 180 
Guthrie, Karl 167 

Hackett, Kathleen 74,180 
Haddon, Tamra 1 51 
Hadley, Savenia 180 
Hagg, Esther 151 
Hagglund, Lani 135 
Hagglund, Michael 167 
Hagglund, Sherry 151 
Haley, Robert 168 
Hall, Darlene 74,78,167 
Hall, Jackie 167 
Hall, Jeff 50,78,79,151,159, 

Halstead, Jeffrey 76,1 51 

Halterman, Janice 135 

Halverson, Cindy 151 

Halverson, David 83 

Halverson, Debbie 151 

Halverson, Robyn 151 

Hamblin, Michael 42,171 

Hamilton, Dale 171 

Hamilton, Kristi 62,63,135 

Hamley, Donica 135 

Hamlin, Keith 80,167 

Hammond, Sheryl 167 

Hamp, Duane 78,79,135 

Hanenburg, Susie 135 

Haney, Roger 151 

Hannebohn, Donald 54,180 

Hanneman, Brian 180 

Han neman, Steven 151 

Hanson, Karl 135 

Hardt, Carol 74,180 

Hare, Christopher 151 

Hare, Clara 171 

Hare, Kevin 151 

Hare, Martin 50,81,180 

Hare, Rosemary 64,69,78,95,102, 

Harmel, Janet 181 
Harmer, Brian 135 
Harmon, Kendall 181 
Harrah, Rene 181 
Harrington, Cameron 184 
Harrington, Jerri 167 
Harris, Corby 1 19,135 

Harrii, Joseph 171 
Harvey, Deborah 151 
Haskins, Kristine 74,76,135 
Hasler, Michael 151 
Hatch, George 47 
Hatch, Nadlne 151 
Hatch, NIta 167 
Hatch, Robert 181 
Hatcher, Charles 151 
Haunschlld, Karen 151 
Hawkins, Karl 181 
Hawley, David 74,76,151 
Hawley, Laura 1 56 
Hayes, Theresa 69,167 
Hayes, Thomas 42,50,167 
Haynes, Donald 80,167 
Haynes, Edward 181 
Haynes, Heidi 126,135 
Hay ward, Bette 108,181 
Heard, Beckie 167 
Heath, Constance 108,167 
Heath, Mary Anne 83,135 
Hebden, Thomas 151 
Hebert, Linda 64,135 
Hedemark, Mary Jane 62,80,100, 

Hedemark, Molly 70,108,181,191 

Hegel, Gerard 167 

Hegel, Joan 69,105,151 

Hehr, Douglas 135 

Hehr, Ricki 167 

Heimbigner, Martin 47,50,167 

Heimbigner, Warren 181 

Hellerud, Sindy 151 

Hellerud, Steven 167 

Henderson, Lee 62,108,167 

Hendricks, Roni 135 

Hendrickson, Gayle 100,151 

Henjum, Donna 151 

Henkel, John 135 

Henry, Michael 151 

Henry, Patrick 151,161 

Henry, Richard 167 

Henslee, Sondra 181 

Hepper, Timothy 167 

Herman, Cynthia 81 ,108,181 

Herman, Nicholas 76,79,151 

Herrick, Shannon 83,135 

Herron, Mike 171 

Hicks, Carol 81,167 

Hicks, De 110,111,135 

Hill. Laurie 151 

Hill, Tresa 62,64,93,151,159 

Hillhouse, Craig 1 56 

Hillhouse, Kirk 181 

Hills, Elizabeth 64,151 

Hills, Tamara 167,173,177 

Hillyard, Cynthia 83,102,108, 

Hillyard, Rebecca 108,181 
Hilton, Rae 107,135 
Hilton, Y. Gale 81,167 
Himelspach, Dale 171 
Himelspach, Scott 181 
Hisaw, James 171 
Hite, David 80,167 
Hixon, Larry 151 
Hjortedal, David 167 
Hjortedal, Kathryn 95,121,135 
Hodges, Jeffrey 167 
Hoffman, Dan 54,151 
Hoffman, Kevin 74,167 
Hoffman, Susan 78,99,167 
Hoisington, Sonny 151 
Holder, Tracy 181 
Holford, Janet 167 
Holford, Jeffrey 135 
Holford, Sharon 81 ,1 51 ,1 59, 


Holloway, Thomas 1 56 
Holm, Rick 167 
Hood, Clarissa 181 
Hood, Nancy 136 
Hopkins, John 151 
Hopp, Mary 167 

Horn, Darrell 151 
Horn, Renee 136 
Houim, Theresa 151 
Houk, Dan 151,53 
Houk, Mark 136,53 
House, Beth 167 
House, Sherri 1 51 
Hovind, Jacqueline 167 
Howard, Edward 42,181 
Howard, Teresa 151 
Howe, Brian 151 
Hoyt, William 74,171 
Hudson, Sharon 171 
Huey, Brian 95,101,102,136 
Hulvey, Brian 181 
Hunstad, Dan 42,171 
Hunt, Patricia 151 
Hunt, Robert 49,74,77,136 
Hustad, Gary 151 
Hutchinson, Curtis 78,152 
Hylton, Karen 64,152,161 
Hylton, Keith 42 

Ingersoll, Paul 101,136 
Ives, Loretta 184 

Jackman, R. James 171 
Jackson, Ken 41,49,83,136 
Jackson, Ronald 42,50,74,181 
James, Kerrie 152 
Jamison, Gerald 152 
Janke, Scott 76 
Jansma, Mark 1 52 
Janssen, Denise 136 
Janssen, Donald 81,181 
Jarrad, Kathy 136 
Jarrett, Stephanie 181 
Jarvis, Amy 167 
Jefferson, Carolyn 152 
Jefferson, William 167 
Jensen, Stacey 64,152 
Johnson, Craig 181 
Johnson, Debra 136 
Johnson, Deven 47,181 
Johnson, G. Robert 152 
Johnson, Kathy 69,80,108,167 
Johnson, Kevin 136 
Johnson, Lauri 76,136 
Johnson, Linda 136 
Johnson, Lisa 74,152 
Johnson, Louise 136 
Johnson, Mike 136 
Johnson, Priscilla 152 
Johnson, Stacey 152 
Johnston, Clifford 167 
Johnston, Daria 167 
Jokinen, Mark 42,167 
Jones, Janet 136 
Jones, Peggy 152 
Jones, Randy 136 
Jones, Ronald 167 
Jones, Susan 64,78,79,152,162 
Joplin, David 181 
Joplin, Laurie 167 
Juliano, Frank 49,93,1 18,136 
Juliano, Rhonda 81,181 

Kachel, Marc 136 
Kanally, Linda 167 
Karlson, Cindy 152 
Keel, Jonica 64,65,120,136 
Keeling, Maurice 167 
Keene, Barry 136 
Keith, Laura 167 
Kelch, Holly 156 
Kellar, Frank 42,181 
Kelly, David 181 
Kelly, Delia 136 
Kelly, James 41,136 

Kelly, Joseph 136 
Kelly, Tom 152 
Kelsey, Kathleen 167 
Kelsey, Kerry 1 52 
Kembel, Regina 62,80,108,168, 

Kendall, Mary 156 

Kennedy, Laurie 168 

Kephart, Catherine 108,181 

Kerr, Jeff 42 

Kiele, Cindia 152 

Kienzle, Teresa 152 

Kimpel, Jana 80,152,161 

Kimsey, Gayle 152 

King, Daniel 168 

King, Michael 152 

Kiourkas, Angelo 181,53 

Kiourkas, Athenna 168 

Kivett, Steve 42 

Klasch, James 1 52 

Klentschy, R. James 74,80,168 

Kline, Charles 50,181,43 

Klinzman, Stacey 168 

Knapp, Margie 80,136 

Knight, David 168 

Knudtson, Michael 44,74,76,152 

Knudtson, Steven 47,74,168 

Koch, William 168 

Kochel, Mark 137 

Koerner, Bonnie 152 

Koerner, Toni 102,108,168,172 

Kollman, Jeff 152 

Kortan, Lana 80,168 

Kosek, David 181 

Kostelecky, Bonlta 64,65,89, 

Kostelecky, Caria 152 
Kostelecky, Sylvia 137 
Kostelecky, Tina 168 
Krahn, Mark 156 
Kraut, Michael 81,181 
Krebs, Kendall 137 
Krieger, Richard 181 
Kroetch, Marc 78,79.93,95,137 
Krusic, Durice 137 
Kuehl, Robert 119.137 
Kuest, Donna 108,168 
Kuntz, Lori 78,168 
Kyle, Michele 152,168 

Lagerstrom, Michelle 137 
Lalley, Katrina 168 
Lalley, Wendy 108,181 
Lambert, Laren 184 
Lamm, Freidrich 74,168 
LaMunyon, Joan 69,78,106,152 
Lange, Fordon 181 
LaPlante, Elizabeth 108,168 
Larkin, Bruce 1 18,137 
Larkin, Damon 137,53 
Larson, Cindy 152 
Larson, Colleen 137 
Larson, Michael 89,115,137, 

Larson, Paul 168 
Larson, Wayne 168,53 
Lassman, Kurk 152 
Lathey, Dave 47 
Lattin, Kenneth 54,137 
Lawson, John 171 
Lawson, Steven 41,54,152 
Layman, Cindy 107 
Layman, John 181 
Leder, Sandra 168 
Lee, Bruce 137 
Lee, Jeanette 1 52 
Lee, Mark 152 
LeFavour, Cindi 168 
LeFavour, Kim 137 
Lefler, Joe 41,152 
Lefler, John 181 
LeGrand, Sherri 181 
Lehman, Linda 168 

Lemon, Dawn 70,82,108,168,174 

Lemon, Scott 137 

Lenius, Robert 1 52 

Leone, Craig 137 

Leone, Tami 1 52 

Lesher, Susan 102,137 

Leslie, Randy 152 

Leu, Leora 181 

Leu, Lloyd 181 

Levitski, Cindy 137 

Levitski, Vicki 69,168.172 

Lewis, Craig 171 

Lewis, Dona 108,181,188,189 

Lewis, Randy 54,152 

Lies, Larry 168 

Lill, David 49,101,121,137 

Lilly, Linda 171 

Lilly, Ron 156 

Ling, Debra 137 

Ling, Ricky 168 

Ling, Tammy 80,168 

Link, Greg 181 

Littman, Michael 49,137 

Littman, Patrick 50,80,181 

Lock wood, Phil 152 

Lolley, Donna 137 

Lopez, Nikki 1 56 

Louden, Christine 156 

Louie, Lisa 181 

Louie, James 80,168 

Louie, Ricky 152 

Love, Steven 181 

Lovette, Valorie 152 

Loyle, Tim 47 

Lucas, Joe 1 84 

Luders, Dale 42,168 

Luedtke, Steven 171 

Luft, George 41,50,152 

Lund, G. Raymond 171 

Lund, Laurence 181 

Lunzer, Laurie 181 

Luttrull, Robert 181 

Luttrull, Ronald 137 

Lynch, Daniel 137 

Lynch, Kathleen 41,152 

Lystad, Tammy 152 

MacClain, Laura 181 
MacClain, Michael 152 
MacDonald, Sherri 105,152 
MacKay, Sharon 138 
Macklin, Dawna 102,152 
Maier, Denise 107,138 
Malcolm, Jim 138 
Mallicoat, Kenneth 182 
Marabello, John 1 71 
Markland, Susan 182 
Marks, Donna 69,152 
Markwell, Laurie 153 
Marshall, Gloria 74,100,153 
Marten, Loretta 80,1 53 
Martin, Anita 69,78,79,153 
Martin, Debi 168 
Martin, David 54,74 
Martin, Janet 62,63,64,67,138 
Martin, Jerald 182 
Martin, Kathleen 153 
Martin, Kevin 168 
Martin, Mari 1 19,126,138,160 
Martin, Steven 47,168 
Martin, Susan 153 
Mashtare, Crystal 182 
Mashtare, Mark 153 
Mason, Brenda 108,182,186 
Mason, Craig 102,121,153,43 
Mason, Mike 171 
Matson, Danny 168 
Matson, Richard 83,138 
Matthews, Dayle 182 
Matthews, Gayle 81,182,189 
Mattix, Tom 153 
Mattson, Geri 168 
Maurer, Sheryl 168 


Maxfield, Darel 41 ,78,79,1 1 7, 

Mayn, Tanya 1 56 
McAdams, Kelly 153,160 
McAdams, Patrick 138 
McAdams, Shawn 74,168 
McAndrews, Sharon 107,138 
McArthur, Michael 102,184 
McAuliffe, Paulette 182 
McBride, Bernie 106,160 
McBride, Donald 153 
McBride, Pamela 138 
McCall, Sherry 168 
McCarrey, Jeffrey 42 
McCarrey, Randal 74,168 
McCartney, Gary 106,168 
McCauley, Frank 168 
McCauley, Lorilee 69,75,76, 


McClain, Irby 168 
McCormack, Rayetta 168 
McGarry, Jeffrey 182 
McGibbon, Tamra 153 
McGillicuddy, Chris 168,172 
McKee, Christie 138 
McKee, Kevin 168 
McKeehan, Bryan 102,153,53 
McKeehan, Shana 182 
McKenney, George 78,79,138 
McKenzie, Barbara 182 
McKinley, Terri 138 
McKinley, Toni 138 
McKinney, Pamela 138 
McKinney, Shelley 168 
McKoy, Deino 153 
McKoy, Jacinta 61 ,80,108,168 
McLaughlin, Cheryl 168 
McLaughlin, Kevin 50,168 
McLelian, Johnny 184 
McLeod, Mary 182 
McMillan, Brian 153 
McMillan, Terry 182 
McNeal, Daniel 41,49,138 
McNeal, Johanne 80,153 
McNutt, Daniel 153 
McNutt, Robert 182 
Meacham, Norma 184 
Meagher, Debbie 168 
Meals, William 184 
Mehl, Sheryl 153 
Mellgren, Danny 42,153 
Mellgren, Mark 42,153 
Mendenhall, Mary 182 
Mendenhall, Molly 168 
Mendenhall, Paul 83 
Mercer, Zoann 80,168 
Meredith, Gail 168 
Meyer, Christopher 182 
Meyer, Wayne 41 ,153,162,53 
Meyers, Terri 1 71 
Millar, Corinne 153 
Miller, Catherine 1 71 
Miller, Debra 182 
Miller, Donnie 156 
Miller, Sam 171 
Milliken, Tom 138 
Mills, Catherine 168 
Mills, Cynthia 168 
Mitchell, Chris 49,1 19,138,43 
Mitchell, Cindy 64,153 
Mitchell, James 169 
Mitchell, Kelly 78,83,108,169, 

Mitchell, Richard 74,76,153 
Mitchem, Patrick 169 
Mizoguchi, Dwight 115,120, 

Modeland, Lottie 153 
Moe, Kathryn 62,81,108,182 
Moe, Kenneth 101.115,138,53 
Monaghan, Cecile 153 
Monday. Nola 169 
Moore, Bob 42 
Moore, Debra 169 
Moore, Diana 182 

Moore, Edward 153 
Moore, Karia 153 
Moore, Laura 75,169 
Moore, Mary 1 53,160 
Moore, Robert 169 
Moore, Walter 182 
Moran, Timothy 47,182 
Morden, Anita 138 
Morden, Robert 153 
Morgan, Brad 138 
Morgan, Cindy 78,138 
Morgareidge, Jill 64,65,78, 

Morin, Joann 1 38 
Morrell, Mike 184 
Morris, Ann 61 ,64,67,78,1 20, 


Morris, Glen 153 
Morris, Lisa 61 ,108,182 
Morris, Robert 139 
Morris, Steve 50,169,43 
Morse, Janet 139 
Morton, Connie 153 
Mulvey, Dale 169 
Munson, Kathi 83,153 
Munson, Kris 78,139 
Munyan, Edwin 182,187 
Munyan, Hope 61,169 
Munyan, Jean 61,1 53 
Murphy, Cynthia 184 
Murphy, Kathy 153 
Myers, Shane 171 
Myers, Tammy 110,111,153 
Myhre, Timothy 139 

Nadreau, Timothy 107 
Naset, Cliff 171 
Naset, Monica 169 
Naslund, Roger 50,1 53 
Nebeker. Tom 182 
Neis, Kari 171 
Nelson, Bobby 107 
Nelson, Dona 64,65,93,139 
Nelson, Kirsti 1 10,1 1 1,139 
Nelson, Steve 139 
Nelson, Susan 182 
Nelson, Wayne 47,50,182 
Nepean, Christopher 78.139 
Nestor. Elizabeth 153 
Nestor, Richard 169 
Neuschwander, Debbie 139 
Newberg, Dwight 47.50,76,182 
Newcomb, Ray 156 
Newcombe, Richard 182 
Newell, Ronald 80,153 
Nicholl, Ronnel 64,80,86,89, 

Nicholson, David 184 
Nigro, Frank 139 
Nilson, Julie 153 
Noble, Cindy 64 
Nokes, Cheryl 169,174 
Nokes, Edith 139 
Nolan, Roberta 169 
Norman, Michael 139 
Nutter, Greg 153,98 
Nutter, Juanita 108,182 

Ocheltree, Randy 156 
Cteheltree, Tamra 182 
O'Connor. James 83,101,153, 

O'Connor, Timothy 159,182 
Offutt, Terry 169 
O'Gr.idy. Nina 184 
Olinger, Martain 169 
Oliver, Scott 139 
Oliver, Tana 169 
Olsen, Norma 64,68,76.139 
Olson, Carolyn 182 
Olson, Kimberly 169 

O'Neill, Mark 153 
O'Neill. Maureen 153 
Ooms, A. Scott 42,153 
O'Guinn, Teresa 139 
Ormsby. Michael 101.106,110, 

1 11.120.121,139 
Ormsby, Patrick 106,153 
Ormsby, Tim 106,169 
Orren, Geanie 1 39 
Orth, Jerome 47,169 
Orth, Thomas 47,153 
Ortiz, Bias 182,53 
Ortiz, Lydia 169 
Othmer, Mike 153 
Othmer, Robert 169 
Overfield, Larry 171 
Overland, Ray 153 
Owens, Philip 102,139 
Owen, Theresa 81,108.182 
Oxford, Theresa 184 
Oye, Mark 182,43 
Oye, Shane 139 

Panagos, Beatrice 75,80,108, 

Panagos, Rebecca 154 

Panknin, Jim 139,53 

Pardun, Craig 182 

Parente, Karen 1 71 

Parker, Allyn 184 

Parker. James 74,182 

Parkins, Diana 1 54 

Parsons, Jon 1 54 

Patterson, Cynthia 139 

Patterson, Greg 154 

Patterson, Roger 41,154 

Patterson, Roxanne 171 

Payne, Kathryn 81,182 

Pearson. Nancy 100,139 

Pearson, Ronald 104,169 

Peckham, Linda 169 

Peeler, Daniel 1 56 

Pence, Laura 182 

Pendleton, Evelyn 102,169,172 

Pendleton, Lois 182 

Peone, Michael 140 

Perry, Joslyn 86,140,169 

Pesik, Cindy 78,154 

Peterson, Larry 140 

Peterson, Sandra 169 

Peterson, Randy 42 

Pettersen, Rolf 169 

Phelan, Terry 78,140.96 

Pickett, Darrell 184 

Pierson, Brian 42 

Pierson, Kathryn 169 

Pillard, Charles 154 

Piper, Donald 169 

Pirtle, Pamela 107,140 

Pirtle, Peggy 154 

Pittenger, Tanya 140 

Pittenger, Terry 154 

Plybon, Patty 107,140 

Plybon, William 154 

Poe, Ernestine 156 

Poe, Karen 62,86,102,154 

Poffenroth, Jonie 83,140 

Pohle, Gary 50,154 

Pope, Rynae 140 

Port, Dale 156 

Porta, Kay 172 

Poss, Molly 169 

Post. Dawn 156 

Post. Julie 169 

Potter, Christopher 184 

Potter. Kathleen 74.102.169 

Potts, Jeffrey 42,102,182,190 

Powderface. Debbie 171 

Powell, Deri 156,109 

Powell, Rebecca 182 

Price. Tammy 80,154 

Price, Tom 182 

Provinsal, Charles 154 

Pupo, Joanne 154 

Quam, David 169 
Quam, Robert 154 
Quaschnik, Joseph 182 
Quiggle, Gerald 83.140 
Quine, Natal I na 184 

Rabb, John 101,169,53 
Rabb, Sheryl 69,81,182 
Rabb, Teresa 78,102,154 
Rabel, Ann 169 
Ragland, Gretchen 70.169 
Ragland, Timothy 74,140 
Ralph, Denise 64,67,118,140 
Ramsey, Deborah 182 
Ramsey, Diane 169,176 
Ramsey, Marc 1 54 
Rarrick, Craig 182 
Rasmussen, Paula 78,1 18,140 
Rasmussen, Steven 78,169 
Rawlins, Debbie 154 
Rawson, Ron 154 
Read, Terry 154 
Realing, Don 182 
Realing, Frank 41 ,1 54 
Realing, John 42,140 
Reasor, Alana 102,169 
Reasor, Mel 140 
Redshaw. Jane 169 
Reed, Jaimmie 182 
Rees, Mitchell 1 54 
Reichert, Barbara 64,94,107, 

Reichert, Donald 47,182,53 
Reid, Donald 171 
Reid, Gary 154 
Reid, Gordy 182 
Reida, Tracy 169 
Reiner, Mark 169 
Renner, Michael 1 54 
Renz, Stephen 102,154 
Retter, Edward 154 
Retter, Gary 41,49,140 
Retter, Teresa 61,69,80.108, 

Revard, Terry 171 
Rhea. Cynthia 169 
Rhea, Stacy 41,154 
Rhoads, Michael 182 
Rhoads, Patrick 156 
Rhodes, Linda 169 
Ricco, Bryan 154 
Richardson, Ronette 80,154 
Riley, Shawn 169 
Riordan. Donna 154 
Riordan, Jeanne 1 54 
Rivers, Linton 182 
Rizzi, Christopher 83 
Roberds. Maureen 119,140 
Roberts. Barbara 171 
Roberts, Larry 47,54,154.160 
Robertson, John 87,154 
Robertson. Mark 169 
Robideaux. Kathryn 169,190 
Robideaux, Kenneth 154,53 
Robinette, Sue 87,140 
Robins, Jackie 169 
Robinson, KarIa 140 
Roccel. Danette 107 
Rockstrom. Steven 156 
Rodriguez, Cherry 169 
Rodriguez, Jose 182 
Rogers, Ronnie 182 
Rogers, Shirley 78,140 
Rollins, Mark 154 
Rood, Lorretta 171 
Rood, Sonia 156 
Roop. Jay 54.182 
Root, Debra 154 
Rose, Martin 169 

Rose, Phyliss 169 

Rose, Shelly 183,190 

Rose, William 169 

Rosenau, Daveine 154 

Rosengrant, Deborah 61,69,183 

Rosfengrant, Jeffrey 169 

Rosengrant, Ricky 154 

Royer, Debra 140 

Rupp, Karen 140 

Rupp, Patrick 42,183 

Russell, Leon 169 

Russell, Veronica 69,183,186 

Sabado, Michele 170 
Saffle, Donald 49,140 
Sagendorf, llona 154 
Salerno, David 1 54 
Salvage, Chris 54,78,101,170 
Samek, Bonnie 69,1 1 0,1 54 
Sam is, Steven 1 56 
Sampson, Bryan 154 
Sampson, Loring 102,154,158 
Sampson, (VIelanie 75,80,170 
Sampson, Robert 183 
Samuels, Arlene 140 
Samuels, David 183 
Samuels, Ron 1 54 
Sanchelli, Lori 154 
Sandaine, Charlotte 183 
Sandaine, Jeffrey 41 
Sandaine, Mary 170 
Sandaine, Ralph 50,154 
Sandberg, Ryne 42,50,183 
Sander, Peggy 141 
Sanders, Gary 76 
Sanders, Robin 154 
Sanders, Ronald 54,141 
Sanders, Theresa 183 
Sanford, Nancy 141 
Sattler, Cynthia 183 
Sattler, Jerry 141 
Sausser, Dennis 1 71 
Sayler, Larrin 1 71 ,53 
Saywers, Theresa 141 
Schifer, Lyie 1 54 
Schifer, Lyneite 81,170 
Schifer, Pamela 117,141 
Schlienger, Kathy 141 
Schmidt, Gary 1 54 
Schneider, Joseph 44,183 
Schraufnagel, James 141 
Schraufnagel, Wendy 81,183 
Schur, Laura 1 70 
Schwanz, Tom 89,106,141 
Scoles, Betty 62,1 70 
Scoles, Katherine 141 
Scollard, Ann 154 
Scollard, Terry 50,183 
Scott, Brenda 74,86,154 
Scott, John 154 
Scott, Karl 183 
Scott, Leiand 42,183 
Scott, Linda 100,141 
Scott, Nancy 1 71 
Seelbach, Rocky 76,79,141 
Seidel, Lynn 1 70 
Seidel, Sarah 1 70 
Seim, Thomas 1 56 
Semler, Dayn 141 
Settle, Jacob 154 
Settles, Keza 81,183 
Seubert, Rozann 170 
Seuchek, Dennis 44 
Sevshek, David 183 
Shaw, Jay 47,183,53 
Shaw, Kathreen 188 
Shawlee. Cheryl 64,65,78,93, 

Shawlee, Ken 42,154 
Shea, Timothy 49,154 
Shellabarger, Harlan 42,183 
Sherwood, James 78,170 
Shields, Debra 107,141 

Shields, Dennis 183 
Shirkey, Debra 141,154 
Shives, George 141 
Shoberg, Brad 171 
Sidel, Mark 42,170 
Sides, Deborah 107,141 
Siebengartner, Jamie 81,108, 

Siekerman, Sherry 154 
Simchuk, Del 170 
Simmons. Sam 141,53 
Simon, Fredrick 47,54,170 
Simonsen, Annette 154 
Simpson, Laurie 107,141 
Sims, Tracey 1 55 
Sitton, Bryan 155,156 
Sivret, Steven 49,141 
Skaer, Karen 69,155 
Skjothaug, Gwen 183 
Skjothaug, Idunna81 
Sliz, Christine 62,64,155 
Smathers, Mark 50,155 
Smead, Brian 1 55 
Smilden, William 170 
Smith, Barbara 108,170 
Smith, Brian 74,183,53 
Smith, Darl 183 
Smith, David 171 
Smith, Janis 141 
Smith, Joel 78,170 
Smith, Kim 171 
Smith, Mark 80,183 
Smith, Marsha 1 55 
Smith, Michael 141 
Smyth, Denise 184 
Snell, Karen 1 56 
Snider, Christopher 183,109 
Snider, Curtis 171 
Snow, Gary 50,156 
Snow, Jerry 183 
Snyder, Patricia 61 ,64,65,78, 

Solverson, Darel 141 
Solverson, Tammy 170 
Somerville, Judith 64,93,141 
Sonnenberg, Linda 155 
Sorenson, William 183 
Southwick, Earl 1 70 
Southwick, Kandee 81,155 
Southwick, Kimble 155 
Spaeth, Leilani 170 
Spencer, Jacqueline 170 
Sperry, Scott 155 
Sprenger, Ted 183 
Squires, Donald 50,170 
Staley, Donald 170 
Staley, Kristine 102,1 19, 142 
Stamatz, Shelley 170 
Standaart, Bias 74 
Standaart, Stephen 42,183,53 
Stare, Patrick 101,1 19,142 
Starmer, Cindee 83,106,1 70 
Stearns, Tammy 155 
Steel, Brent 102,142 
Steel, Laurel 170 
Steele, Ron 171 
Stella, Randal 142 
Steuve, Shawn 42 
Stewart, Edward 42,74,183 
St. George, Robert 183 
St. George, Theresa 74,155 
St. Germain, Teresa 155 
Stichweh, Becky 142 
Stichweh, Richard 183 
Stiner, Theresa 142 
Stolt, Renee 155 
Stoltenberg, Larry 183 
Stone, David 183 
Stow, Timothy 1 70 
Stratton, James 41 ,1 55,53 
Straub, Mark 170,178 
Strange, Jon 43,74,76,155,43 
Stueve, Lori 78,79,115,142 
Suders, Robert 183 
Sullivan, Lynn 64,142 

Sullivan, Mortimer 156 
Summers, James 47,1 70 
Sutherland, Tamara 155 
Sutton, James 171 
Sutton, Mark 1 55 
Swain, James 1 56 
Swan, Michael 155 
Swank, Mary 83,142 
Swanson, Donald 43,1 10,142 
Swanson, Douglas 41,142 
Swanson, Janele 80 
Swavely, Paul 50,170 

Talarico, Michael 183,53 
Tannich, Cathy 69,142 
Taylor, Brenda 1 55 
Taylor, Jeff 1 70 
Taylor, Lori 184 
Taylor, Mark 42,183 
Tedrow, Anthony 142 
Terhaar, Geri 1 55 
Tesch, Laurilyn 108,170 
Tesdahl, Craig 50,1 70 
Thayer, Arthur 183 
Thomas, Nita 1 55 
Thompson, David 155 
Thompson, Jim 156 
Thompson, Julie 61,69,81,108, 

Thompson, Marc 41,78,155,53 
Thompson, Russell 155 
Thompson, Samuel 183 
Thorne, Donald 170 
Thornton, Joseph 142 
Thorson, Michelle 155 
Tinnell, Sharon 1 55 
Tofsrud, Leeanne 183 
Torrence, Dawn 183 
Torrence, Deborah 155 
Torrison, Edward 49,83,86,101, 

Torrison, Eric 155,162 
Towers, Cynthia 74,155 
Tracy, Gary 1 10,1 70,176 
Tracy, Robin 184 
Travis, Kevin 184 
Trimble, James 1 55 
Tripp, David 170 
Troxell, Colleen 79,170 
Trudeau, Brian 142 
Trudeau, Mark 155 
Truelove, Yvonne 1 70 
Trusty, Renee 1 55 
Tucker, Delores 107,142 
Tucker, Susan 80,87,155,159 
Tuckness, Karon 142 
Tumlinson, Marc 87,1 10,1 15,142 
Turner, Teresa 183 

Udland, Eric 183 
Unterseher, Frank 170 
UrI, Jeffrey 155 

Van Bibber, Kathleen 183 

VandeLind, Cassandra 86,142 
Van Doren, Debra 64,68,1 1 5 
VanTine, Douglas 41 ,50,1 55 
Varney, Rhonda 142 
Vaughan, Sandra 170 
Verge, Perri 64,100,155 
Villalobos, Daniel 101,102,142 
Villalobos, Janet 184 
Vitulli, Mitchell 170 
Volgardsen, Richard 170 
Von Steuben, Kevin 171 
Vorhies, Michael 142 

Wachter, Leanne 155 
Wagner, Brian 184 
Wagner, Marie 64,87,104,117, 

Wagner, Paul 155 

Wahl, Kelly 155 

Waines, Tami 184 

Wakefield, Kevin 74,76,170,53 

Wald, James 50,104,155 

Wallen, Mark 184 

Wallis, Carol 142 

Walther, Patricia 170 

Walton, Jackie 184 

Walton, Jereld 156 

Wanless, Barbara 102,184 

Wanless, Karen 102,104,155 

Ward, Cheryl 156 

Warden, John 170 

Wardian, Thomas 155 

Wares, Earl 143 

Wares, Wally 155 

Warman, Debra 1 19,143 

Warren, Cathy 80,83,143 

Warren, Patrick 1 70 

Washburn, Alfred 41 ,50,155 

Watts, Michelle 155 

Wavada, Andrew 184 

Wavada, Anthony 107 

Wavada, Gabrielle 64,155 

Wayment, Linda 143 

Webb, Doreen 1 70 

Webb, Joan 155 

Webb, Kathleen 184 

Webb, Lorraine 170 

Webber, Stephanie 78,155 

Weber, Donald 171 

Weber, Rose 81,184 

Weber, Steven 1 55 

Webster, Jacqueline 95,143,97 

Welch, Carrie 184,187 

Welch, Sandra 81,184 

Wellbrink, Alexander 171 

Wellbrink, Winnie 184 

Wellman, Jooleen 184 

Wells, Diane 143 

Welton, Gregory 171 

Welton, Lori 184 

Welton, Robert 106,110,111,155 

Wheeler, Terry 171,176 

Whipps, Greg 143 

Whipps, Larry 171 

White, Bret 171,175 

White, Corey 155 

White, Craig 171 

White, Cynthia 184 

White, Deanna 62,155 

White, Mary 171,175 

White, Robert 171 

White, Sandra 184,189 

Whitman, Lisa 171 

Whitman, Lori 155 

Whitney, Dan 171 

Whitworth, Colleen 64,69,78, 

Wickens, Danny 50,156 
Wiedmer, Vickie 69,81,171 
Wiggins, Billy 171 
Wiggins, Linda 62,63,64,65, 

Wilhelm, Rita 77,143 
Wilhite, Michael 78,101,171 
Wilhite, Mitchell 184 
William, Bill 78 
Williams, Brian 42,1 71 
Williams, Deborah 143 
Williams, Joann 1 55 
Williams, Kathleen 76,83,155 
Williams, Kenneth 156 
Williams, Tamara 184 
Williams, Thomas 49,74,76,155 
Williams, Toni 171,176 
Willmann, Harold 44,184 
Wilmann, Dana 62,78,79,155 
Wilson, April 80,171 
Wilson, Becky 75,81,171 


Wilson, Charlotte 171 
Wilson, Everett 143 
Wilson, E. Lynn 156 
Wilson, Marvin 171 
Windishar, Christine 184,191 
Windishar, Jerry 171,53 
Wines, Rosemarie 171 
Wines, Thomas 143 
Winslow, Tamara 156 
Wirsch, Barbara 1 56 
Wise, Nancy 158,159 
Wissink, Mary 143 
Wolbert, Dennis 171,176 

Wood, Christy 171,174 

Wood, Howard 74,171 

Wood, Kevin 143 

Wood, Kurt 42 

Wood, Robert 156 

Woods, Darrel 42 

Woods, Fred 184 

Worman, Karen 83,156 

Worstell, William 76,121,156 

Worthington, James 101,115,143 

Worthington, Susan 61,64,70, 

Wright, Amy 78,79.94,99,117, 


Wright, Eileen 156 
Wright, Michael 171 
Wright, Stacy 70,78,79,143 
Wunderlich, Dan 171,43 
Wyland, Allison 171 
Wyland, Kathleen 64,143 
Wynne, Clinton 171 

Yaroshuk, Debra 80,108 
Young, Doris 156 

Young, Patricia 75,81,156 
Ytreeide, Jean 62,108 

Zeigler, Rhonda 64,1 28 
Zielinski, Nina 143 
Zietlow, Nancy 81 
Zupan, Emily 156 
Zupan, Linda 110,111,143 




for new meaning. 


from the past, 


joy to the future